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The Virgo Man

The Virgo man has great capabilities: it is difficult to find a person so cpable at work who looks for continuous self-improvement like the man of Virgo. Reliable, practical and at the same time intellectually bright and always ready to give more than before.

He is a very distant man in respect of the means of his martial character: in fact he does not have foolish ambitions of excelling and does not love competition too much: nevertheless, being fundamentally a traditionalist, he has more patriarchal values than others in terms of Martian charcateristics of conquest and aggressiveness.

The Virgo man is serious, witty and also has a great sense of humour: he is attentive, he looks at each thing in depth and, if he can, prefers to remain to one side and watch rather than intervene. In the first part of his life he is never sure about his performances and his possibilities: nonetheless, if he is put to the test, the challenges are accepted and he will agree on a working plan even if will not abbandon the clear perception of his internal resources: therefore, he is continuously compared to others, day after day, , and learns to be known more and to take his merits and his abilities into consideration and find his way.

He is a man who is responsible for himself, his clothes and his things; he loves his relationship with his body and needs discipline and a healthy organisation of his days; generally he is a little haunted by time that passes and that seems not to leave him sufficient space for what he loves and wants.

His ideal is offering his competence to someone who is able to appreciate it and who, in exchange, gives him the security he badly needs to live. In this way he feels accepted and integrated inside a system of which he is a part.

The Virgo man can work perfectly for others because, in his depth, he feels more tranquilwhen he can do things wihtout having the whole responsibility on his back. He is a good employee and a good collaborator; he takes care of “other’s things” with ease and does it with patience and certainty.

At times he seems to lack ambition yet, he loves to be recognised for what he can do but he does not love notoriety; it is difficult for him to be in a prestigious position. He prefers to be occupied by what is not in sight; he can be the “the Grey Eminence” behind the scenes for others, leaving others to willingly get noticed in the “front line”.

The Virgo man is open to new things – Virgo is a mobile sign – but at the same time it is methodical, it practices and makes things real and puts them in order as things are in nature. It has a mind that decomposes the contents in the same way in which the intestine, a slender organ tied to the sign decomposes food to be able to break it down and assimilate it: everything is reduced to the bare bones so that it can be analysed, knowing each single facet and using it in the best possible way: if he observes any object, he suddenly asks himself: “how might I use it”?

The Virgo man has a profound love for detail, as if it must control the details before being able to associate them to a broader whole.

From a relational point of view he is a very closed-in, not a very sharp-cornered man especially when he must put his sentiments on show: for him “loving” means something practical done for someone close by, but he has a great difficulty in demonstrating affection with words and gestures. He appreciates physical contact and is sexually powerful and he manages to be slackened and not give too much importance to performance.

He is a shy and nervous person that aims to keep his emotions back; he cannot manage his temper properly that becomes anger and that is shown by dry and cutting words as sharp as a razor. He tends to worry too much and this overloads his nervous system; this is due to the fact that he trusts very little and still less others, therefore he has strong control needs.

The Virgo man is meticulous, a lover of order and of planning: also in love he prefers everything to be planned without ever counting on improvisation. When he is allowed he is very serious: he has a certain difficulty in taking decisions, but this is due to the fact that he is very rigorous in maintaining commitments and his word which he values and ponders before deciding.

He does not have a great relationship with his emotional side and he tends to trust his mind too much, that is organised in schemes; at times he exaggerates with assessments and discriminations up to the point of taking into consideration only the visible and material aspect of life without seeing that this is therefore less. Abstract thought,imagination and intuition make him feel uneasy.

The Virgo man loves science, he might be defined as being a “researcher”; if a thing arouses his passion he tends to want to know about it in depth; he is conscious of his limit and is a man of few words, almost a solitary person: he loves sports in which he can have a strong contact with nature: sailing, mountaineering, free climbing and solitary conquests in which he challenges himself. If this is not possible, he is satisfied with a little garden in which he can have a piece of nature to keep busy with, circumscribed by exact borders.

The Virgo man can draw a great advantage from disciplines that help him to maintain serious contact with his body, his strength and his resistance: he must learn to relax and take things with more truthfulness without overloading himself with useless tension and without keeping everything inside himself.

The darkness of the Virgo man is in his distrust towards the female interior (instinct and emotions) that he tends to project onto women who perceive them as paranoid, avid and tyrannical: in fact this is the way in which he experiences the relationship with his internal female part: he is afraid of it, is afraid of giving way to his instinctive part that he considers chaotic and disorganised, and in the attempt to check and to block everything that comes from the inside, he risks being cyclically overwhelmed and affect the “outside order”.

In fact his relationship with his female interior will give rise to his sense of “health” and his true relationship with life; he projects things entirely externally and risks somatising his emotions on a physical level and of feeling constantly inadequate in relation to his feelings.

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