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Becoming a Virgo

VIRGO: Becoming Your Sun Sign, Month By Month

The Sun is in the sign of VIRGO this month. Those of us who were born between August 22nd and September 22 have a Sun Sign of Virgo. Our keyword is I ANALYZE.


If you’re a Virgo Sun, your mission in this lifetime is to learn to discriminate between what’s important and what isn’t! On the downside, you can get yourself all worked up about trivial details that really don’t make much difference at all. You worry and fret when it really isn’t necessary. In time, you learn that you don’t always have to have perfection in everything – you get to the point of using the 80%-20% rule and learn to live with a few loose ends.

The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin, which has nothing to do with sexuality, and everything to do with your desire for purity and perfection! You push yourself very hard to be perfect, and it’s also very easy for you to see the lack of perfection in the rest of us mortals! You’re occasionally too critical of everyone, and always too critical of yourself! Face it – no one is perfect! You are a great worker, because you believe in service. And in fact, that’s your mission in this lifetime – to learn the lesson of humble service and patience.

If you find yourself grumbling about your job, it’s time for an attitude adjustment! Your mission as a Virgo is to figure out a way to get organized in your life – get your everyday work life in order, get your health in order, and figure out a way to be of service to others. Develop all the skills and abilities that you’ll need in the working world. There’s a Zen saying that suits Virgo energy very well: “Before enlightenment, carry water. After enlightenment, carry water.”

Virgo is the sign of the Virgin, as we said, and the sheaf of wheat that she’s holding is her firm grasp on the material world. During this astrological month, August 22nd to September 22nd, of course all Virgo Sun Signs celebrate their birthdays, and the rest of us join them in celebrating the order in our lives that all our rituals and errands provide for us. And we join them in seeking to organize our lives without getting compulsive about it! Our personal development and soul growth with Virgo comes through practical application and old-fashioned hard work!


Even those of us who are NOT Virgo Sun Signs can celebrate Virgo energy this month! That’s the kind of energy the universe is providing for us this month.

From August 22nd until September 22nd this year and every year, we have a chance to tune into whether or not we do our work efficiently and with the right mental attitude of service, and whether we take good care of our physical selves.

You’ll notice people are a little more critical and picky than usual this month. They’re harder on themselves than usual. If their lives are out of balance, they may experience frustration at work or some health problems.

All signs, Virgo included, have positives and negatives! But if you’ve got a Virgo in your life, try to understand how much he or she needs order, so put that tv remote back in the right place, and pick up those magazines you tossed on the floor!

Real astrology is not about “What’s going to happen to me?” It’s about “How can I best use the energy that’s coming at me?” And the energy that’s coming at you during this Virgo month is encouraging you to look more deeply at work, health, and service in your life. Analyze each of these parts of your life. Don’t be hyper-critical, as many Virgo Sun Sign people are prone to do, but rather, look within and get in touch with what you really need to feel like you’ve got your life together.

  • Do you have a bill file or do you just toss bills on the coffee table and hope they don’t get lost?
  • Do you take your vitamins and get plenty of sleep so you can do your personal best at your job? Do you get compulsive about errands, or do you take care of them on a regular and routine basis so they never pile up and become a problem?

Virgo is the sign of the organized worker who takes care of all the details and truly feels good about being of service to others.

Ask yourself these Virgo questions:

  • Am I over-stressed or in control?
  • If I feel stressed, what can I do to alleviate that stress? Am I too rigid? Do I feel productive?
  • Can I count on my job, and is it a good one for me?
  • Do I resent being in a position of being of service to others? Am I over-critical of others or of myself?
  • Do I become sloppy in any area of my life because I don’t think it’s possible to bring order to that area?
  • Do I understand the fine line between caring for myself and my health and turning into a hypochondriac?
  • Do I constantly go through work or health crises, and if I do, why do I think they’re happening?
  • How do I handle conflict and crises in my life?In our astrological Sun Sign bracelets, we use the semi-precious gem Moss Agate for our Virgo Zodiac Bracelet. We choose gemstones based on the qualities of the stone – if you’re trying to incorporate more discriminating energy and order into your life (Virgo energy), try a Virgo bracelet with some moss agate gemstones!

This is the month to answer those questions for yourself, regardless of what your Sun Sign is!! Next month we’ll ask ourselves Libra questions about our relationships, whether or not we need the approval of others, and how comfy we are being alone.

Do you want to ask yourself even tougher questions this month?

Take a look at your birth horoscope, and check out which of your twelve life areas is your VIRGO area.

In which area are YOU critical or overcritical, organized, needing control? Is it with your kids? (5th house) With your money? (2nd house) With your in-laws? (9th house)

ALL of us have Virgo energy somewhere in our charts, and in our lives. We all have each of the 12 astrological signs somewhere! That’s why an astrology chart is divided into TWELVE areas!!

The house or astrological area where YOU have Virgo is the area of your life where you will be TOO rigid and self-critical, or NOT organized and critical enough! As any Virgo will tell you, the unexamined life is not worth living! True analysis and discrimination in this area is what you’re striving for!!

If you don’t know where Virgo is in YOUR chart, please calculate your natal  chart!!

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