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Virgo November 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our November 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Virgo Zodiac Sign!

Virgo November Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

Sometimes we work hard and do not see much reward, but in November 2016 your hard work will pay off and with patience you can build on previous efforts and feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment. You may not feel as if you are setting the world alight, but your efforts are enduring and what you work towards now has a lasting quality to it – i.e. it may be something important which you can put on your CV, a qualification or a life landmark for you personally.

Dear Virgo, November 2016 is perfect for both spiritual and intellectual growth as you can see the necessity for some of the more challenging or inhibiting aspects of your life; you are able to see meaning within the troubles you face. Sometimes we rebel or lash out to feel that we are empowered, but in November 2016 you are aware of how the structures in your life (however annoying they may be) play a role in making you secure and giving you a solid base.

Virgos, ruled by Mercury are by nature restless; however, as an earth sign you crave stability and a certain routine – reconciling these disparate elements of your personality can take time and maturity, and you may have phases where you swing from one to the other. In November 2016 it is easier for you to combine and experience the benefits of both. The impact of the planets right now is to create subtle effects that may not actually be appreciated in terms of their worth until months later.

November 2016 Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope

A loving, generous and spontaneous attitude will help your love life to flow both in new and older relationships. In November 2016, you are feeling young again, and this is what is helping you to find new and exciting ways to experience love and affection. The teenager in you is alive again, and you are appreciating life more as you feel you can let your hair down and enjoy life without all the baggage that one usually feels weighed down with.

Sensually you are more attuned to your environment, and everything seems to look brighter, music sounds better and things taste better than usual – this is wonderful as sexually you are so much more receptive to touch, feel and movement. Take your time over sex in November 2016, read some erotic books and try using massage oils and giving each other massages and foot massages, etc. I do not want to be too explicit, but stimulate all the senses during sex and take your time to immerse yourselves in each other.

November 2016 is an excellent month for Virgo to meet new partners; you are social, charming and fun-loving – free of the inhibitions you usually have, you are quick to make new friends and romantic opportunities will come your way as you are very open right now. New relationships that arise should be very active, i.e. you will be going out a lot, socializing with each other’s friends, attending parties and going to theatre/movies and events.

Virgo Career Horoscope November 2016

November 2016 is a very favorable time for planning as you have the ability to keep a handle on the broad range goals as well as the details. You can work hard on things that may seem too insignificant or boring to your colleagues for them to bother about – but your attention to these things can bring you recognition from your employer.

November 2016 may not be about individuality and proving yourself; you may get more control or influence in the longer term by working diligently in the background. Your efforts will be noticed even if you are not making a song and dance about it – working on in your modest way will pay dividends.

Creatively, you are very expressive right now and feel freer to go beyond your normal scope in terms of what you produce. You can show leadership on artistic projects right now.

November 2016 is a very favorable time for Virgos who are involved in hospitality and the entertainment field – you will have many new customers and be very successful with all your events. This is also an opportune time for Virgos who are looking to launch something, i.e. a fashion range, book production, home wares, art, etc.

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