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Virgo November 2018 Horoscope

Virgo November 2018 Horoscope Monthly Overview

The Virgo 2018 November monthly predictions suggest that you could be so very tempted to splurge on that new kitchen appliance that not only self-bakes bread but also bakes cakes, fries donuts and has a musical alarm clock on the 1st or 2nd. Before you do, stop and think, very, very carefully. Do you ever bake bread? Doesn’t the oven work perfectly well for cakes? Aren’t donuts super unhealthy, and not your favorite thing, anyway? And who needs a musical alarm clock in the kitchen, of all places? Then put away the plastic and go for a swim. It will genuinely make you feel good, unlike the quick-fix of retail therapy.

Your hard work is rewarded, in big and little ways, on the 7th and 8th.

Don’t squander your energy, your financial resources or your precious time, no matter who thinks you should, on the 13th, 14th or 15th. Work requires your full attention on the 20th. Virgo, give it all you’ve got. A really romantic date or two are what you need, and what you get, on the incredibly flirty 26th and 27th. Great. Delve in deep, when it comes to understanding an issue, on the 30th of  November 2018.

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November 2018 Love Horoscope & Relationships Forecasts Virgo

Have you been known, at any time ever in the past, to deal with stress by maybe sneaking a few extra chocolate chip cookies in, after lunch, before your coffee break, and after your coffee break, and before you leave the office, and on the bus on the way home? And are you doing that on the 1st or 2nd? Even though work isn’t stressful? Could it be that you are in love? Oh my! Well, put those cookies down. And call that special person up!

The November 2018 Horoscope for Virgo zodiac sign shows that you should ask them on a date before any more chocolate chip cookies have to suffer. Your honesty pays off with some pretty super romance on the 7th and 8th of  November 2018. If you need something, let them know on the 13th, 14th or 15th. It will make things better for everybody! If you have to bow out of a movie date in order to get some work done on the 20th, then bow out gracefully. Let them know you’ll make it up to them. Some seriously romantic activities are what’s in store for the very lucky two of you on the 26th and 27th. Virgo, breathe deep and enjoy the wonderful out of doors on the 30th. Ahhhhhh!

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Virgo Career November 2018 Horoscope

Ugh! The November 2018 Virgo horoscope predicts that you really want to impulse buy that bright shiny printer with all those bells and whistles for your home office on the 1st or 2nd. Don’t! After all, what do you know about that bright shiny printer? Have you checked any online reviews? Looked into quality control tests? Examined the fine print in the warranty? And do you even need a new printer for your home office? Hmm?

Slow right on down on the 5th and 6th, too. Why are you in such a rush to make all those major career decisions? Don’t you think they can wait, while you gather a little more understanding of the situation? Don’t you think you should go for a jog and see how things work themselves out? By the super organized 9th and 10th, you’ll love getting everything in order, and boy, does it look good afterwards. Do your best to smooth out any disagreements between colleagues on the 13th, 14th and 15th. If you’re in a pickle at work on the 20th of November 2018, add salt. Stir. Yum! Virgo, some amazing developments remind you why you love this job on the wonderful 26th and 27th. Listen to what others have to say on the 30th.

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2018 November Health & Fitness Astrology Predictions For The Virgin

The 2018 November monthly forecasts for Virgo predict that you make people want to get in shape on the 1st, just by being you! You are so darned healthy that you inspire imitation. Embrace your role as role model! You’ll really be helping others, a lot. Marathon walks and marathon talks can be combined, you know, if you just ask your chit-chat partner to accompany you on a really long hike on the 5th. So invite them!

A jog clears your head on the 10th. Your innate sense of responsibility is one of the things that makes it that much easier for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the 15th. So even if you wish you could shirk, just a little, don’t! You owe it to yourself (that said, it’s okay to indulge in a little chocolate cake, or the like, once in a while). Invite your friends along as you embark on some kind of healthy activity (another hike?) on the 20th. They’ll love getting outside, and really appreciate your idea! If you work out on the 25th of November 2018, you feel great. If you don’t work out, you might feel less great. Virgo, organize your way to a perfect workout routine on the 30th. If anybody can do it, you can.

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Overall, the Virgo November 2018 horoscope shows that

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