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Virgo On Eleventh House Cusp

Virgo On Eleventh House Cusp

Virgo On Eleventh House Cusp

Virgo in 11th House – Virgo on the cusp of the eleventh house

You look to your social circles – friends and acquaintances – for motivation to create and follow through on your plans. You want to make things easier for them and others in general, so notice your tendency to get involved in managing or organizing the details of others’ lives – attending to their well-being and/or their social calendars for them.

You may find that you also plan your own personal day-to-day around social events and opportunities. Be careful not to be so focused on planning your life around your social activities that you forget to attend to the daily practical necessities of your life.

There must be exercised extreme discrimination when it comes to the associations that the Virgo forms. The tendency here would be to associate with inferior types of people, as Virgo must always associate with the proper type of people, not in a snobbery type of way. First, of course, when it comes to the relationships, Virgo must realize that with the knowledge he possesses, he must form a relationship creatively with others, so that the Virgo can stimulate other people.

In many ways, Virgo on the cusp of the eleventh house relates to a statement that George Bernard Shaw once made to the effect that George Bernard Shaw felt that the trouble with mankind was that man did not think enough, but that he, George Bernard Shaw, was different from the rest of his fellow man in that he made a habit of thinking at least once a week. Virgo on the cusp of that eleventh house can be a great stimulator to the mind of man, and should not be involved in the petty social activities of life, not excluding them completely, but focussing attention on activities in which the Virgo knowledge can cause others to think.

The service aspect of Virgo here, through the subtlety of the natural rulership of Aquarius, should always be along humanitarian lines, social trends, mental trends, all involved with the betterment of mankind. This location could bring a broader perspective to the discriminative qualities of Virgo, especially as it applies to relationships on a broader scale and social trends. In development of relationships, the sincerity of Virgo is very important, and through the sincerity, can be the example for others for the proper development of relationships, since all of life is a matter of relationships.

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