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Virgo On Fifth House Cusp

Virgo On Fifth House Cusp

Virgo On Fifth House Cusp

Virgo in 5th house – Virgo on the cusp of the fifth house

You find the most pleasure and joy in your recreational pursuits when you able to plan them and follow through on those plans to completion. Though this placement may provide structure for your creativity, you may also find that at times your creativity and spontaneity are held back by your need to make a plan for everything.

It is important for you to remember that your creative expression cannot always be planned. You may come across to others as fake or inauthentic if you give too much attention to the details of how it all happens rather than who you are being while it happens.

This location demonstrates the need for creativity. This creativity is the service which Virgo can render. By direct reaction to Pisces, the Virgo might tend to flow along with the stream of life rather than being a creative individual. The earth quality of Virgo can just be a gatherer or a taker and not a giver.

By direct reaction to the eleventh house, the creativity is concerned with creative relationships, and the creativity must be demonstrated in a positive manner and not tinged with any negative criticism or judgment. Creativity also requires persistence, and many times the Virgo does not persist to achieve a truly constructive end. Creativity cannot be superficial. If it is approached in a superficial manner, those efforts will soon be found by others to be lacking and shallow.

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