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Virgo On First House Cusp

Virgo On First House Cusp

Virgo On First House Cusp

Virgo in 1st house – Virgo on the cusp of the first house

Your sense of self is rooted in your ability to live your llife according to plan, and your self-esteem and confidence will often depend on your ability to follow through on that plan. You strive to be “perfect” in your execution of your plans, and can be very hard on yourself if you don’t live up to expectations – expectations which are usually your own, self-created ideals.

In fact, it is probably not uncommon for you to resist or deny the gratitude, praise and blessings others try to bring you, believing you don’t deserve them because you didn’t live up to your (extremely high) expectations of yourself.

Here, Virgo has the responsibility of the proper development of the personality from the viewpoint of being a sincere person, a knowledgeable person. Too often people whose rising sign is Virgo have a great deal of pretense about them. They frequently, by direct reaction to Pisces, of course, do fantasize about themselves and about their lives. They must be sincere; they must present themselves to the world in a true fashion. They must develop the quality of patience, respect, and the proper use of discrimination.

Virgo rising needs to have a stable self-image rather than tending to take on the qualities of others with whom he associates. This is part of the development of a superficial personality, so the Virgo must develop his stable personality and not be fluidic according to circumstances and associations because the Virgo is very adaptable, but can be too adaptable at its worst.

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