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Virgo On Fourth House Cusp

Virgo On Fourth House Cusp

Virgo On Fourth House Cusp

Virgo in 4th house – Virgo on the cusp of the fourth house

The foundation of your personal-private persona and your life is your daily routine. Your day-to-day life is often planned so meticulously, you may have a personal life or a household that runs like a Swiss watch – right on time and with every detail attended to.

However, it may also make it very challenging for your family and the people closest to you to relate to you freely or easily. You may not make emotional connections with them easily because you are so focused on the tangible, practical operations of your everyday lives and making sure they relate with you on your schedule and in the roles you have assigned them in the everyday of your life.

This is where the teaching and the counseling service of Virgo can best be demonstrated. The fourth house, relating to the sign Cancer and its ruler, the Moon, is the first house in the zodiac to involve to a significant degree the element of intuition. Virgo on the cusp of this house might well look to its own glyph, with its implied quality of intuition, which can more effectively be developed at this location.

It is this location of the Virgo which emphasizes or implies, rather, that in the past, the Virgo was not of service to others, did not counsel, did not help to guide them through life. And one having Virgo on the cusp of the fourth house would find that many people will constantly be turning to him for advice, for counseling, and even if the Virgo does not want to give it, at that time will find that he could very easily be forced into situations in which this would be expected of him.

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