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Virgo On Ninth House Cusp

Virgo On Ninth House Cusp

Virgo On Ninth House Cusp

Virgo in 9th House – Virgo on the cusp of the ninth house

You likely live your life in alignment with your spiritual, religious, and/or philosophical beliefs. You practice what you preach and teach, and because of this, you also tend to be very hard on yourself when you slip up and act out of alignment with your belief system.

You may also be very judgmental of others who don’t believe the same things you do or don’t practice their beliefs in the way you think they should. Learning and practicing forgiveness and unconditional love will go a very long way in reaching and connecting with others and in learning to love yourself.

Here, the knowledgeable aspect of Virgo concerns itself with abstract thought, higher education, the higher mind, and above all, the Christ concept. Virgo is, historically, related to the Renaissance period, and is responsible in this present cycle for development of levels of awareness and bringing the Christ Consciousness to the mind of man. This then emphasizes the responsibility that Virgo has of being a sincere seeker of higher knowledge. Again, by direct reaction to the third house, it is necessary to communicate to share all of this with others.

However, since the ninth house does deal with philosophy, psychology, comparative religions, all of the higher knowledge, it is the responsibility of Virgo to translate or reduce this knowledge to a practical, work-a-day level. This knowledge must not be superficially garnered.

It is this location of Virgo which further emphasizes the discriminative quality of Virgo insofar as what is Truth, what is true knowledge and what is false knowledge. And with the ninth house as the culmination of the partnership with life, the seventh, and of life’s “mysteries,” the eighth, unless the Virgo has built a solid foundation in these two previous houses, he will not be able to sincerely present the knowledge which he has gained. This, again, is the harvesting quality of Virgo.

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