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Virgo On Second House Cusp

Virgo On Second House Cusp

Virgo On Second House Cusp

Virgo in 2nd house – Virgo on the cusp of the second house

You likely have a plan for meeting your basic survival needs, and you aren’t likely to make adjustments to that plan easily. You’re not particualrly fond of change – adaptability is not your strong suit. This does often works to your advantage – you ability to stick with your plans often brings you great material and/or financial success.

However, there are the occasional times where you may be so attached to your plans, you may keep yourself from manifesting the resources you need or desire. If you’ve held onto a plan for a long time but find life seems to be passing you by, you may find that what you need or want comes to you once you let go of what isn’t working for you.

Virgos have to develop a stable, or sound, set of values. They cannot be superficial. Virgo is considered one of the knowledgeable signs. It is the value of knowledge as it can be applied in life itself that has to be established by Virgo on the cusp of the second house. Virgo too often collects knowledge without assimilating it. In other words, it must reflect itself in the activities of the Virgo.

The quality of discriminating between what is important and not important is emphasized very much. The Virgo must select only those important values and not be concerned with the unimportant trivia of life, not concentrate on it, in other words.

The quality of service is emphasized by this location of Virgo. The value of discrimination enters the picture when it comes to just how much a Virgo should assume, how much a Virgo can handle. It often demonstrates itself by the Virgo being too active as an escape value.

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