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Virgo On Seventh House Cusp

Virgo On Seventh House Cusp

Virgo On Seventh House Cusp

Virgo in 7th house – Virgo on the cusp of the seventh house

You tend to plan around your partners in both in business and pleasure, but especially in your personal life. Your perceptions of them drive your everyday routines and behaviors. You may be very judgmental of your partners, especially when they don’t meet your expectations of how they should be with you or others.

It is important for you to remember to do your part in your one-on-one relationships, not just expecting your partners to do all the work to make them healthy and successful.

Virgo has to formulate the proper partnership with life. It must not be superficial or be too discriminative, too picky – too picayune, in other words, seeking perfection, and too intellectual in their approach to involvement. Their involvement must be on many levels, other than intellectual, before it is a true involvement.

The karmic responsibility of Virgo on the cusp of the seventh house rests in the true identification of self with all of life. In any partnership that a Virgo might form, again, it cannot be emphasized too much that there must not be a superficial partnership.

The identification of self with others must be a sincere one. It is through the proper partnership with life, as an individual, that Virgo can be of the greatest service. Virgo, as mentioned before, does represent the soul’s descent into matter. Here is the awareness of the soul qualities which will culminate, of course, in the cosmic consciousness of the twelfth house.

With Virgo on the cusp of that seventh house, the Virgo must be a sincere reflection of the cosmic, being a true microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm, not one who mouths many spiritual platitudes or expressions, and going back to another old statement of not doing as I do, but doing as I say.

So that with Virgo on the cusp of the seventh house, if he is a spiritual leader or involved in any way with intellectual and spiritual activities, it must be sincerely done. The Virgo must be a sincere reflection of it, and this is true in relationship to the cosmic. The seventh house is the beginning of the awareness of the cosmic and the self as part of the cosmic pattern.

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