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Virgo On Sixth House Cusp

Virgo On Sixth House Cusp

Virgo On Sixth House Cusp

Virgo in 6th house – Virgo on the cusp of the sixth house

In its natural house placement, your everyday activities (work, service) are the center of your world. Your day-to-day life is all about practical service – doing what you’ve got to do to have your personal daily life work. It may not be glamorous or flashy, but you get the job done.

In fact, it is likely that your job is the center of your day-to-day life, and you believe in earning what you get and only getting what you need. In fact, if you aren’t getting what you need, you tend to blame yourself for not working hard or smart enough or not doing something “right” in order for you to get your desired results. Then you will do or try anything and everything to correct your perceived mistake(s).

This is the natural location for Virgo, since it is the natural ruler of the sixth house. It does indicate that in past lifetimes, the Virgo could easily have been a hypochondriac, identifying too much with negative conditions which brought about diseases. And in this lifetime, the Virgo has to assume a more positive and optimistic viewpoint of life and not identity with negative conditions. The Virgo should avoid, above all, any tendency towards pessimism.

It is also the house of service. We are dealing with the public, and it also emphasizes the service Virgo can render publicly through community activities, through teaching. With Virgo’s involvement with knowledge, this location is good for disseminating that which he truly knows to the public, and in this manner, service rendered by the Virgo is bringing the wherewithal and the knowledge so that mankind can cope with life.

Most people cannot cope with life. It is through the awareness of Virgo, by teaching different levels of awareness and consciousness, that Virgo can help mankind cope with life. It relates very much to a statement in the Bible: “Seek ye the Truth , and the Truth shall set ye free.” People in life are bound by chains of their own forging. Virgo’s knowledge can help break those shackles.

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