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Virgo On Tenth House Cusp

Virgo On Tenth House Cusp

Virgo On Tenth House Cusp

Virgo in 10th House – Virgo on the cusp of the tenth house

Your daily life is rooted in your public or professional identity. Your plans for your life and your ability to follow through on them define you in the public and professional arena of your life. Your career and professional ambitions may be so much of the focus of your day-to-day life, you may find that your home life and your personal and family relationships may be a challenge for you to attend to or sustain without.

Since the midheaven is where Avataric descent comes into the horoscope, it is Virgo’s responsibility to reach into the mental plane and secure the higher spiritual knowledge, dealing with the upper sub-planes of the mental plane concerned with abstract thought.

The tenth house, being the house where we contribute to life, this is a contribution that Virgo can make – reaching up into the higher planes and bringing knowledge down to mankind. By direct reaction to the fourth house, this will help others understand what life is all about, bringing meaning, bringing direction, and bringing purpose to their lives.

It will be the communication quality of Virgo that would bring all of the higher plane information to the mind of man. This further emphasizes the responsibility of Virgo from the viewpoint of the present 1200-year cycle we are in, from 1000 AD up to 2200 AD, which will be the constructing of the foundation for the Aquarian Age. Virgo must be extremely cautious in this location, since Capricorn and Saturn are the natural rulers of the tenth house, that whatever contribution the Virgo makes is not done from the viewpoint of recognition, acclaim, or prestige. Its natural rulership of the sixth house requires self-less service in making any contribution to the structure of society.

At its worst, this particular location of Virgo could make for the false guru, the false teacher. Virgo on the cusp of the tenth house does emphasize spiritual leadership, spiritual missionary work. Now, the whole problem can be that the virgo could be of a missionary type that could very easily try to convert others into his way of thinking, bringing knowledge and awareness to others, spiritual truths, exposing people to the spiritual basis of life. This itself is the greatest service and contribution that Virgo can make on the cusp of the tenth house. The care should always be not to force his opinions on others.

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