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Virgo On Third House Cusp

Virgo On Third House Cusp

Virgo On Third House Cusp

Virgo in 3rd house – Virgo on the cusp of the third house

You tend to think a great deal about the logistics of your day-to-day life, constantly seeking ways to make your daily life more effective and efficient. You intellectualize or rationalize the various aspects of your life, sometimes too much.

It is important for you to communicate your ideas and thoughts to others so you can actually get the information or assistance to manifest them into tangible reality. Otherwise, you may overthink yourself into stagnation or oblivion. Remember that your ideas can’t take form if they stay inside your head.

Since this is the house of knowledge, and Virgo is a knowledgeable sign, this location emphasizes the need for Virgo to acquire knowledge, but not superficial knowledge, not surface knowledge. The Virgo must at all times be a sincere seeker of knowledge. Virgo will always be asking questions, wanting to know why. But the problem here with Virgo on the cusp of the third house is the problem of communicating, sharing knowledge and sharing experiences with others.

Now, on this level, as mentioned before, this is the house of brotherhood. The service, the teaching come into the picture with this location of Virgo. Perfectionism may be a problem in that Virgo may avoid genuine communication if he feels inadequate to achieve the level of involvement, personally or intellectually, which he feels is necessary. Here, as in all areas of life, he must realize that perfection does not occur instantaneously, but is built by intelligent trial and error – as he would see it, by taking risks.

The responsibility is to bring the knowledge, the wherewithal, the awareness, the consciousness to the mind of others so that other people can find their meaning, direction, and purpose to life itself. A negative quality which could enter into the picture here is the perfectionist aspect of Virgo, who might expect that others will acquire the knowledge and apply it as perfectly as a Virgo might. Virgo has the problem of accepting the weaknesses of other people, and this automatically brings in the improper use of discrimination.

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