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Virgo Ox Personality

Conservatism runs deep in the OxVirgo‘s veins, as your Ox heritage concomitantly makes you a drudging workhorse. Reliable and efficient as only a Virgo can be, you are living proof that a person can still toil their way to the top.

The problem is that for you the toiling part can take twenty years of slow, patient arrangement, which may not bother you in the slightest but will drive everyone else around you batty with anticipation. Your inside is as meticulously arranged as your outside.

They should never argue with you about such great intangibles as aesthetics or morality — you’ll take great personal offense if they even so much as hint that they don’t agree with the elaborate personal world system you’ve concocted.

Virgo Ox PersonalityNothing will impress you except someone who truly shares your willingness to work as hard as possible, for as long as possible — you won’t settle for anything less.

Your best quality when it comes to your romantic strategy is that you are quite often very well funded. Industrious people never lack for money.

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