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The Virgo Parent

If one of your parents is a Virgo, they are easy to talk to. They’re ready to listen to any problem you have and will help you solve it. But they also need to calm down! Your Virgo parent worries a lot (which can be annoying) and never seems to sit down and relax — unless you tell them you need them. Your parent loves to be needed! It makes them crazy if you’re messy, so they’re constantly tell you to clean your room and do your chores. Just stay neat and they won’t be as nervous!

The Virgo child

You are interested in so many different things! You are a fast learner, too. You’re really curious about nature — plants, birds, squirrels, frogs, and even bugs are cool to you! When it comes to school work, you love to read. Make sure you try writing stories or poems, since you’re a talented in that area. When you first meet people you can be quiet and shy, but later you’re talkative and very funny! People also like you because you are positive and helpful. Read more about The Virgo child

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