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The Virgo Phase Of Seven Year Cycle

Virgo is the sixth phase of the seven year cycle and it’s archetype is The Harvest Maiden. The Harvest Maiden symbolizes reaping what has been sown, handling practical details, responding to practical necessity.

The Virgo Phase necessitates a struggle with ordering your life in relation to the world. The process involves a humbling of oneself, often generally in confrontation with a life experience that may be humbling.

VirgoThere is an insecurity and anxiety relative to one’s place in life and a necessity to order one’s existence, to handle the necessary details and duties presented to one during this phase in order to ‘get control’ of one’s destiny. There is a demand at this time to handle ‘details’, almost in a sense in preparation for a redefined relationship to a larger world. Health and career issues may arise that relate to ‘things’ that must be handled.

The Leo phase emphasized a process of self definition, the seeking of self acknowledgment in relation to others. Virgo is a confrontation with practical necessities, quite divorced from the more abstract, idealized processes of self defining. In The Virgo Phase you face the demand to order your world in such a way as to accomplish very specific results. You may in some sense be attempting to ‘tame’ your circumstance, to deal with the very practical necessities of what is required to move on in your life.

This phase can be a struggle with discovering your true employment and service in relation to others. You have broken from an older idea of self identity through the process of the Leo Phase and you are now struggling with how you should truly serve in your life and critically analyzing, sometimes in minute detail, how you have failed in the “service” or “employment” you had chosen. This also implies that this phase can be about a critical analysis of the failings of self. Others may be pointing this up to you, or you may be growingly aware of these “failures” in your own case. Yet the process is still exploratory as you struggle to find a truer employment for yourself, one that expresses a truer sense of who you are.

This phase is also about critically analyzing your “faults” or failures, sometimes in minute detail. The Leo Phase was a self expression of your needs in relation to others and the Virgo Phase forces you to critically analyze or face what you may perceive to be your faults as a person, character, or human being. This phase also continues the process of leaving behind the past that existed prior to the “break” that occurred during the midpoint of the previous Leo Phase.

This phase explores options for a new employment in the world, a new service. It can be a time of having to handle many details as you move toward a newer employment situation, whether an actual new job situation or a new set of responsibilities. This can be a highly self analytical time as you examine how you truly wish to relate to others, and how you have failed in your relations with others.

The astrological archetype is associated with harvest time. Thus the phase can be associated with a kind of karmic harvesting of what has been sown. The phase is often associated with the necessity of dealing with health issues that are the result of past abuses of health, either consciously or as part of past life choices. In employment or career it may be a time of reaping what has been sown in terms of issues that must now be dealt with practically and forthrightly. It can be a loss of stature relative to one’s work situation as the results of past issues come forth to be dealt with, especially with regard to an inflated sense of one’s importance or position.

Virgo is the last phase in the six phase process of individuation and differentiation that began with The Aries Phase. During The Virgo Phase, the process of distinguishing yourself as a separate individuated identity over against others begins to diffuse or break down in preparation for the next six phase process that begins in the Libra Phase, the process of oneself in relation to the demands of ‘the world’. As stated by Robert Hand in his book Horoscope Symbols: The first six phases of the process “traced the formation of the individual from the first assertion of individuality in Aries to the complete individual in Leo, and concluded in Virgo with the first realization of an external necessity to which rampant individuality must be somewhat subject.”

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