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Virgo Pig Personality

The strictness of your Virgo antecedents can ameliorate your oriental Pig side’s tendency to overindulge in matters of the table, so you needn’t bother yourself with that gym membership just yet, although later in life the Pig (Boar) Virgo‘s gourmand’s ways will catch up to you in the form of an unwanted stomach. Beware the lure of alcohol — it can loosen restraints that are better left in place!

Virgo Pig PersonalityPeople think that you’re safe to tease and a soft target, but they’d better watch out — if they accidentally press the wrong secret button, you’re liable to erupt like Krakatoa.

Be sure to give them adequate warning beforehand. You could sink comfortably into the slough of easy living, but make sure you have a plan “B” ready in case you find yourself struggling to emerge.

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