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Virgo Rabbit Personality

A nurturing neat freak with a Virgo passion for cleanliness, comfort, order, and obscurity, that’s what the Rabbit Virgo is all about. You have the same obsession with security as regards your job prospects, which is one of the many reasons that the health care professions are your ideal goal when it comes to career choices.

You border on the paranoid when it comes to germs, and would boil your clothing daily if thought that by such action you could keep the grime of the world from your skin.

Virgo Rabbit PersonalityChoose a partner who will make you feel good about your weight, too, as that’s another of the details about you that is never resolved to your entire satisfaction. Your Rabbit’s concern for your personal health may prove to be well founded if you don’t get out from time to time and get some exercise.

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