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Virgo Rat Personality

Both the blessing and the bane of members of this introverted DoubleSign is the capacity for complete disregard of all forms of outside impetus. Rat Virgos have a private clock that tells you your own sweet time in which to do things, and you stick to it, regardless of the demanding voice, the wheedling phone call, or the looming deadline.

Such independence can naturally lead to an unhealthy isolation in matters of the heart, and you should remember to make an effort now and then to ditch your Virgo half, have a night on the town and rub some elbows with the fast crowd once in a while.

Virgo Rat PersonalityYour memory, courtesy of the Rat in you, is as sharply defined as your capacity for ignoring well-intentioned advice, and it is important to remember that whatever road you may travel, you must travel it in voluntary solitude for most (if not all) of the journey. Friends are of utmost importance, as is the ongoing effort to prevent them from taking advantage of you.

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