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Virgo Rooster Personality

It’s easy to offend the Rooster Virgo, and you might want to consider the development of a protective layer of emotional callus to lessen such tendencies.

If you can’t, then be sure to get it out in the open right away, instead of following your usual tried-and-true Virgo’s method, which entails letting all the little irks and slights build up inside, hidden, until finally the pressure become too great and you simply explode with fury — usually at some poor innocent who just happened to be passing by and has absolutely no idea what’s going on in your head.

You’ve had to mend more fences because of unfortunate outbursts like that — where else would the Rooster in you sit otherwise? You view yourself as calm, cool and collected — it sounds better in your ears than the label of “slowpoke” flung at you by more active detractors.

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