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Virgo Sheep (Goat) Personality

Uh-oh –what we have here in the Goat Virgo is a species of the most exacting perfectionist the Double Sign zodiac has to offer. If it isn’t utterly flawless, it just won’t do for you. You cannot stand the slightest Goat (Sheep) induced mistake on your own part, and you are utterly merciless when it comes to the quirks and foibles of others.

This doesn’t exactly tend to make you popular, and your finicky Virgo selection process has time and again deprived you of above-average lovers with one slight blemish to instantly disqualify them in your romantic eyes.

If you wish to be truly perfect, consider this: a harsh and impossible standard of perfection is itself an imperfection for those who adhere to it. To be truly perfect, one must also possess a degree of tolerance and mercy. Good luck improving yourself!

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