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Virgo Snake Personality

Others may accuse the Snake Virgo of having antifreeze in your veins, but you know that they’re just jealous of your superior mental characteristics. A product of two fairly cerebral signs, your entire life revolves around the exercise of logic, so much so sometimes that you have been known to furtively check the tips of your ears to see if they haven’t become a bit pointy overnight.

Never one to lose your heart or your head, you are nevertheless a good mate, but watch out for a stranger come to sweep your partner away with a bedazzling display of emotion!

Virgo Snake PersonalityNot that you’re boring — some people will commit the error of taking you for granted, that’s all. Let your heart light shine in the privacy of the bedroom once in a while to forestall such itchy feet on the part of your lover, or else learn to enjoy the taste of humble pie.

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