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Virgo Spiritual Meaning

Virgo Spiritual Meaning

Your Virgo Spirit is strength in quietness, order and sacrifice. Your energy is reflective, gentle and compassionate on an impersonal level.

Virgo, being true to yourself means understanding that giving can only be empowered by accepting and by cherishing the minute details of life while applying them to the bigger picture.

Your purpose is to bring strength, healing and understanding to our world. You put chaos into order, fix the weaknesses and prepare us to move outwards towards the larger world..

Honor Your Spirit and…….

…and give when your heart compels you to give and take when your dreams demand you to accept. Open your eyes to what exists beyond your immediate vision. Sacrifice your need to keep order for one day and regale in something you’ve longed to do.

Look deeply into your own inner reaches and experience the being that exists there. Don’t take on more than you can comfortably handle…honor your needs first once in awhile. Don’t expect others to be able to understand the importance of your ways and give away your need to explain.

Remember there is, indeed, a forest beyond the trees..journey into it at least once a week. Free yourself to the ethereal truth of the imagination and your dreams. Relent once in awhile rather than fight.

Dare to follow the trail left by someone else….you’ll discover your very own treasure. Take a piece of a rainbow…and hold it in your heart…your love will complete its arc.

Turning Adversity into Strength.

As is true for all of us and all the signs our greatest weaknesses are facets of our finest strengths. Your ability to sift through the details of any issue or scenario and to pull out what is strong and necessary while discarding what is weak and unneeded can turn against you during times of crisis or angst.

Focusing on the smallest issue within an issue can take away your personal power to overcome and take advantage of a growth period. Learn to calm your mind, find diversions to take your thoughts off of your troubles and explore something that can captivate you and allow you an exit from the grip of your intellect.

If you feel trapped and unable to see beyond your immediate problem force yourself to ‘feel’ your way through.

Live in your heart..let your emotions do the steering and listen to something that speaks deep in your intuitive reservoirs. Your ability to apply intuition with mind is ultimately empowering..but you have to find that quiet voice through your dedicated commitment to it’s existence.

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