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Virgo Tattoo Designs Ideas

Virgo Tattoo Designs Ideas

Virgo is a mutable earth sign, ruled by planet Mercury, the planet of communication. Virgos are usually very orderly, picky and are known to be perfectionists.

Virgo Tattoos- Even for the Pure at Heart

Though, Virgos are known for variety of wonderful attributes, they are also regarded as people who easily change their hearts on matters. When you reach the point of confusion on what virgo tattoo design you should choose, you can just go for the glyph for Virgo that bears resemblance to capital letter “M” that has an appendage that spheres around the right leg. This design will not bore you, since you can associate some wonderful astrological figures to make your body art more interesting.

The virtuous maiden, which is depicted by a woman clothed in Romans robes, is the primary symbol of the Virgo zodiac sign. You can use this imagery as your primary inspiration, when you don’t know where to start your design for your virgo tattoo. Furthermore, the virgin symbolism can stand for a special woman in your life, which you wish to give honor, for her transparency or love and devotion that plays a major part in what you have achieved now.

Most people use the shades of blue in their Virgo tattoos:

Though the brown and green colors have become other people’s preference, the three colors blend with the Virgo tattoo imagery almost flawlessly. Since you are represented by your zodiac virgo tattoo, you can decide whatever color you desire for your body art but it is highly recommended that you stick with the colors blue, brown or green, so your virgo tattoo will never lose its regal look.

You can also add the Virgo zodiac flowers in your design like the Asters, Ivy, Pansies, Ferns and Chrysanthemums, if you prefer your virgo tattoo to look more womanly or feminine.

Tribal designs are hot items in the Virgo Tattoo community today.

If you are a fan, don’t falter to try your options of incorporating tribal drawings in your Virgo tattoo since they can illustrate a wonderful art design. You should not also be afraid to go beyond the traditional zodiac virgo tattoo styles since your body art is a great platform where you can take full advantage of your visual talent. Get your body inked with a Virgo tattoo that doesn’t take pride on its meaning alone but as well as with your creativeness.

More Virgo Tattoo Designs

A tattoo for a Virgo will have to be done right, no crooked lines, no unevenness. They will be very tempted to peer over their shoulder and make sure the tattoo artist does not make any mistakes. They may even have to hold back passive aggressive critical remarks.

Whichever tattoo a Virgo decides upon, one thing’s for sure – they have definitely put a lot of thought into it and planned out how every angle of it should look ideally. If they can’t think of the perfect tattoo they simply wont get one at all, they just can’t imagine permanently living with an imperfection tattooed onto their body.

The Virgo symbol is a female virgin, often seen with a bird. That’s not to say that Virgo’s are all virginal or celibate, but they do try to maintain a purity to their image, whether they are actually pure or not. This can be incorporated into a tattoo by getting an Ancient virgin goddess tattooed on them. The Greek Goddess Aphrodite, or even the Virgin Mary if the particular person is Catholic, will symbolize what the Virgo sign represents.

As an earth sign, nature is something Virgo’s are often drawn towards. Animals, birds in particular, or flowers, plants and scenery are all wonderful options. A detailed but flowery design on their back, somewhere the shy Virgo can easily cover on a day to day basis is the perfect option.

Virgo is the sign which is associated with harvest, because it lies between Summer and Fall. A ripe fruit, or an apple tree to symbolize the harvest and freshly bloomed characteristics many Virgo’s posses is a unique tattoo idea.

Another aspect of the Virgo sign is their need to reach out and help others, those they’re close with or the community at large. They should represent this wonderful quality by getting the Japanese character for charity tatted, or simply the word ‘Kindness’ written in neat cursive writing along their wrist, as the veins beneath their wrists connect to their heart, the place where their kindness lies.

Two opened hands outstretched towards an earth is tattoo that symbolizes the Virgo’s inner drive to help those who they think need it the most no matter who or where they are. The quote “Everyone needs help from Everyone” symbolizes that Virgos believe in helping others, and when they are down they also want the same done for them although they may be shy of outright asking for the help they need. This can be tatted on their shoulder, back or arm and they may consider using blue ink since blue is often associated with Virgos.

The Virgo glyph symbol which looks somewhat like the letter ‘M’ but with an extra inward curve can be added beneath any word or saying, or even with the word “Virgo” above it, if the particular person feels they are very much like their sign suggests.

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