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Virgo Tiger Personality

Oh, you’ll perform, all right. The Tiger Virgo is always the best at what they do, and you better be, considering what they pay you to do it. But they can’t make you like it, and you let everybody know this, around the clock. Beware of driving away loved (and loving) ones with a steady stream of moans and complaints.

Your negative attitude towards life’s bounty is half feigned (Tiger), half sincere (Virgo), but every now and then the sincere side dominates and you are just plain bad company.

Your additional Virgo tendency towards anal retentiveness seems perfectly natural to you, but you seem unable to explain the basic pluses of neatness and order to the lackadaisical bums with whom you share an office or an apartment.

Tiger VirgoIt would do you good to come down off of your mountain once in a while to rub elbows with us normal people — it might garner you more support in the grand organization.

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