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The Virgo Woman

The mythological figure that most approaches the philosophy of the woman of the sign of Virgo is Athena, known as the Goddess of Wisdom and of the Professions. Athena is Zeus’ daughter: the myth states she was born from the head of the father already adult and completely covered with a shield, helmet and armour.

Because of the dual capacity of her functions, the myth represents a double soul; in war she is strong, lasting and rational and her strategies turn out to be invincible and nobody can stop her from attaining her goals. In peace she is transformed into a goddess of the professions, and presides over the domestic arts. There are many depictions of Athena with a lance in her hand and the bowl in the other that can also be interpreted as a woman who has two dimensions: the daily, little and personal one and the big, noble and collective other.

The point for natives is therefore that in having this double soul in life both are characterisitcs that communicate while one is not better than the other one.

The planet Mercury – the Lord of the sign – always indicates “communication – contact – and always indicates “two parts” and natives, more than ever, will have to find a personal way to create this possibility of connection, preventing the male side of their nature from taking superiority and blocking the development of the instinctive and emotional female part.

Undoubtedly, many natives have no difficulty recognising anything dependent in this figure: extremely rational, analytical and intelligent, veru muc capable of handling commitments, organising life and work, moving in a not too visible dimension and with discretion. Strong, and resistant, you lead to be sacrificed naturally, but also constantly defended. The image of the armour very much suits the Virgo women and represents a womanliness always very much hidden behind the “armour – hardness” which they will slowly have to rid themselves of.

The element will hold in the Virgo woman as she recalls the hardness of the surface that, however, hides an incandescent and very vital interior.

Thus, in respect of her external image Athena seems very male and the most well-known charcateristic is rationality. However, behind the helmet it is possible to glimpse her grace and great beauty: Zeus’ daughter is one of the Virgo Goddesses or one of those who chose duty and service as a priority in their relational life.

Undoubtedly the Virgo woman has something “integral” inside: it is difficult for her to give of herself completely, or at least, not to a man and not to a relationship. This particularity is in the result of her difficulty in facing the emotional dimension and intense involvement, but also because something in her life has to do with perfection and purification: in fact, in her profound psyche, the Virgo woman knows that through searching for material and spiritual perfection she will be able to somehow or other become free and rise. She and the women of this sign want to reach the maximum level of perfection they are reabsorbed by the Absolute.

The woman of the sign wants to feel integrated, first of all in the community in which she lives, and in this way part of her nature comes true in putting her capabilities at the service of others, if possible in an activity that allows her to express her characteristics at their best: at a mental level, she is predisposed for taking responsibility at work that she carries out reliably without complaining too much.

The Virgo woman is capable of seeing everything in detail, has a lucid respect for rules and discipline, joking and criticism, to which the strongest sense of duty is added. Overall, she searches to find a way to integrate her needs of personal action with the good functioning of the community in which she lives and works; the woman of the sign seems to look for a connection with the outside world before integrating intellect and sentiment, male and female, earth and sky, soul and body.

Undoubtedly the woman of Virgo feels a constant tension in integrity: since she wants her myth, she needs to make working together harmonious and to intergate different things that are often opposites, finding synchronism and perfection; generally, she can express her capabilities either in a conceptual or manualfield,, or in scientific or humanitarian fields.

To an external eye the perfection she seeks is expressed in the order she keeps at home, in the need for property in perfect harmony with itself, in the method that she applies to everything she does and it seems evident that she is pervaded by the idea that only if the microcosm works well in an organised way, the macrocosm will be able to grow and to reach perfection.

The Virgo woman is always very much in prey of her intellect, she is a great worker, very rational, always attentive and watchful in the attempt to check another part because not much is known about it. She is afraid that she could have superiority. In fact the condition of implicit “virginity” in her sign indicates that being “one with oneself” allows her to ably use communication between the parts.

The natives in Virgo, are in a certain sense a little wrong footed by values: the planet in Mercury sees her conduct from an analytical and critical point of view, constantly watchful and strongly checked: this part generally blocks the real relationship with her female interior, with the relationship and motherhood that she will in fact have to learn to contact and allow to emerge: in fact, before arriving at the real relationship between the male and the female interior (that will happen in Libra), the Virgo woman will have to proceed with the recognition of another part in order to integrate it with the more congenial part.

She loves nature, all that is essential and pure and that therefore, can be good for the body and the environment; she is a hygienist and she has a constant relationship with her body because she knows that it is important to be responsible for it so that it can be in good health.

If she becomes too stressed she risks being overloaded, becoming excessively checking and maniacal, haunted by diets, gyms and rituals that, if on the one hand reassure her against the fear of isolation and entropy, on the other disconnect her in her sense of life.

The darkness in the Virgo woman always has too much space that it gives to the mind and to control: this makes her neurotic, frightened, inadequate and too needy of external assurances; contact with her inner world will return her instead to being fertile and creative; if this is not so, she feels arid, sterile and she will lack “the parts that work together” by themselves. Because she has the task of putting little and big things together in a relationship, she must manage to see “the part” without, however, losing sight of “the whole”.

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