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Vocational Astrology: How To Find Your Perfect Job or Career

A beautiful client in east Texas requested I write of how you would determine what job or career would be suitable for a person using the natal chart.

It was stated in a book once that only about 3% to 5% of the world population do work they love. They actually live to work! The rest do work in order to live. I never heard a young person say that they longed to become a insurance salesman when they were in kindergarten or first grade. Most insurance salesmen are people who played football and were hit a few times too many without their helmets on. Now I ll lose the business of all the insurance salesmen in the world!!

Naturally it is necessary to have a natal chart of the person with the correct time of birth.

The Sixth House and the planets there in plus the ruler of the Sign on the cusp of the Sixth House will give indications to you where the native is competent and has interests in matters of job and health. If there are no planets in the Sixth House, then look to the house placement of the Ruler of the Sign on the cusp and the aspects to that planet. The natural house of the sign on the cusp of the Sixth House is also a clue to the area that the person will find satisfying employment. For example, if Sagittarius is on the cusp of the Sixth House, the person may enjoy working in the legal field, at a college or university, or as a minister of a church;- all Sagittarius or natural ninth house matters.

If Jupiter is found in your Sixth House it is important to check the condition of the aspects to Jupiter from other planets in the chart. If Jupiter is harshly aspected, the native may become a “workaholic” but not receive the recognition for their heroic efforts. If Jupiter is well aspected, then they may work long house and have to travel a bit with their job but their efforts will be well rewarded. They will taste much success.

A person with the Sun in their 6th house will often justifiably take pride in its work and is a good worker but will need applause (preferably in the paycheck!) They often enjoy a job that helps instruct the public in way to live a healthier life or are actually in the medical fields serving the ill and sick.

Many people are good are many thing but the Sixth House is where you will find meaningful work. If they don t develop their own special skills and competence they will often end up working at meaningless jobs. I can indicate the areas of likely success but the native must exert the effort to be trained and learn the skills necessary. The sixth house is also the house of health so if you find compatible work, you are most likely to enjoy good health.

The other house in the chart that will have a major bearing on job and career is the Tenth House. It is the house of your reputation on the job and in your community. It is more indicative of a person who has a profession as opposed to just a job.

If your Sun is in the Tenth House you are more likely to be a “Chief” as opposed to just a follower. If the Sun is well aspected there will be a strong sense of self and a will to succeed coupled with ambition for power. If they use that power wisely will depend on the other planets tenanting the Tenth House and the aspects they receive. Trines and sextiles will indicate success with little effort but squares and oppositions are often need to fuel the drive to keep climbing the mountain to fame and fortune.

A well aspected Moon in the Tenth House indicates someone who will be well received by the public and can often sell almost anything to women. A Tenth House with many planets may indicate one who will sacrifice one s home life or social life for the attainment of success.

The cusp of the 10th House is the MC (medium coeli or Midheaven). This is a point in space and it is second in importance in a chart to the Ascendant, the point on the eastern horizon at birth. These two points move approximately one degree every four minutes. That is why the exact time of birth is so important. When a planet transits over them, especially Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, there will often be major changes in the public life and career of that native. The same is true if these planets are transiting your Sixth House.

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