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The Element Of Water

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

waterEmotion, feeling and intuition are the chief attributes of Water.

People with lots of Water (6 or more counts) frequently lose themselves in their feelings or the feelings of other people, and have difficulty maintaining their separateness. Their extreme sensitivity often leads them to withdraw into themselves. Often quite psychic, they respond with great compassion to the needs of other people, and are primarily motivated by the need for emotional security. They know how they feel about something, whether they like it or not, and are unlikely to be affected by whether they are supposed or expected to like or dislike the object in question. They are less likely to be subject to overwhelming passions for other people – rather they can accept and stay with the relationship they are actually in.

As water is the element of feeling and emotion, those with many planets in the water signs are more at home in the emotional realm than others. They are not phased by passionate displays of feeling- in fact, they can grow bored when life is too plain sailing. Intuitive to the point of being psychic, they are also prone to ever-changing moods. They have no time for casual relationships, as they are great romantics and love, for them, is all or nothing.

People with little Water (0 or 1 counts) turn to spiritual realms for universal truths in an attempt to find meaning in their lives, or to fill the emotional vacuum which their personal relationships are unable to fill. Their difficulty in remaining in touch with and expressing their feelings may lead them to form relationships with overly emotional people or to become addicted to excitement and intensity. Because they may not be aware of or able to respond empathically to other people’s feelings, they may attempt to prove that they are sensitive by engaging in nurturing activities.


Addictive, Artistic
Caring, Closed
Compassionate Contemplative, Controlled
Dependent, Destructive
Dreamy, Easy Going
Emotional, Empathic
Flowing, Grasping
Imaginative, Impersonal
Impressionable, Insecure
Intuitive, Kind
Moody, Nurturing
Out of Touch
Over emotional, Passive
Personal, Protective
Responsive, Revengeful
Sacrificial, Secretive
Sensitive, Sentimental
Spiritual, Supportive
Sympathetic, Unresponsive
Untidy, Vulnerable

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