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What Kind Of Wealth Are You Pursuing?

When the subject of wealth comes up, we tend to think of material possessions which can come in two forms. The preferred form is hard cash and cash equivalents, such as stocks and bonds. The second form is fixed assets or big ticket items that have resale value and can be converted to cash, such as automobiles and real estate.

In Chinese Astrology, there are three main streams of wealth that a person can pursue:

Material Wealth

The person in pursuit of material wealth is driven by active movement of stars in the following houses:

  • self, or life potential (for fame)
  • career (for power)
  • wealth (for fortune)
  • mobility (for hustling around and climbing the social ladder)
  • real estate (for hoarding wealth and relocating to pursue job or business opportunities)

People Wealth

The person in pursuit of people wealth tries to secure acceptance, comfort and support from one or more of the following relations:

  • parents
  • siblings, cousins, or friends
  • lovers and / or spouse
  • children
  • hired help

Invisible Wealth

  • Health, in a holistic sense, which includes the physical and mental aspects, is often referred to as invisible wealth in the Chinese culture. It makes a lot of sense since health is the foundation for all human physical activities. It is an area that a lot of people take for granted until they get sick or someone close to them dies. When Superman star Christopher Reeve appeared at the Oscar awards ceremony in a wheel chair, it reminded us how fragile and vulnerable the human body is. It also reminded us how strong the human spirit can be.

Which stream of wealth a person pursues at any point in time is a combination of choice, aptitude, and circumstances. Our needs and desires in life are not static; they change and grow with us as we progress through life. Material wealth is usually given top priority when a young adult leaves the home of the parents and strives for economic independence. As a person enters the twilight years, health and personal relationships become more important.

Can a person have it all? Can anyone pursue all three of these wealth streams at the same time and give them equal weight, thereby becoming deliriously happy, healthy, wealthy and wise?

The answer is NO! From an astrological point of view, everyone has the same number of stars; some are benign while others are malignant in nature. What matters and differs from one person to the next is where the good and bad stars fall among the twelve houses, as well as the strength of the overall configuration.

An average working class person of good health is likely to have good and bad stars evenly distributed among the 12 houses.

A person of international fame with mega fortune is likely to have lousy personal relationships, or ill health or both. Therefore, it is not surprising that Elizabeth Taylor, despite her legendary beauty and glittering jewelry collection, still cannot find marital bliss after 8 marriages and 7 husbands. She has also been plagued with chronic illness, aches and pains. Life seems somewhat fair in its own mysterious way.

From a pragmatic point of view, everyone has 24 hours available to him or her in one day. If time is spent earning a living for material wealth, then little or no time is available to cultivate relationships. Physical and mental labour leads to stress, which wears out the person physically and mentally.

Realistically, most adults (and even some children under certain circumstances) have to do work of some kind to earn a living. They simply do not have the luxury to spend all their waking hours visiting with friends and relations, or working out in a gym or health spa to stay fit. What they do have at their disposal is the free will to allot time to pursue things that are important to them. It is called making time.

Before the birth of my daughter, I often wondered how an infant at birth will recognize and become attached to the natural mother. Since her birth, I found out the hard way that bonding with a baby is a process that requires conscious, dedicated and ongoing effort. Making strange applies to all people relationships at practically all ages. By the same token, money will not fall from heaven into my lap, nor would my stomach be flat if I were a couch potato. You reap what you sow.

Are you relatively content? What kind of wealth would you like to pursue? What kind of wealth have you been busy pursuing? Think long and hard. When you have the answer to these questions, you will have won half of the battle of trying to gain control of your one and only life. Make the most of it.

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