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Wedding Horoscope 2017 and Favourable Wedding Days

Imagine that your wedding has its own personal goddess to watch over it. This special deity will bestow blessings and good wishes on your nuptials and beam down rays of love and harmony throughout your ceremony.

Dream no more because Venus — the goddess of love and beauty — is ready to spring into action in 2017 to add some Venusian vibes to your happy day!

To read your Wedding Horoscope 2017 find out what sign Venus will be in on your wedding day (dates listed for each Venus sign), and all you’ll need to do in exchange is make a little offering to the goddess. Then, watch Venus work her magic on your behalf!

*Important Note: The Wedding Horoscope for 2017 shows that Venus, the planet of love, is retrograde from March 6 through April 15, 2017. Since weddings are best celebrated on a forward-moving cycle, it’s best to hold off on your nuptials during this time.

Venus in Pisces (January 3-February 3, 2017) and (April 2-Apr 28, 2017)

Venus in Pisces Offering: This oceanic Venus loves the sea, so if you can’t get married by the beach, at least leave Venus in Pisces some shells or sand to honor her spirit.

Venus in Pisces Blessings: Gentle Venus in Pisces will bless your nuptials with romance, spirit and creativity.

Venus enters Aries (February 3-April 2, 2017) and  (April 28-June 6, 2017)

Venus in Aries Offering: Think red and display a bouquet of gorgeous tulips or a bowl of luscious cherries to honor this fire goddess.

Venus in Aries Blessings: A Venus in Aries wedding is blessed with a potential for passion, fun and honesty.

Venus in Taurus (June 6-July 4, 2017)

Venus in Taurus Offering: Chocolate is the way to go with Venus in Taurus. Give a piece to each guest or feature it in a prominent location.

Venus in Taurus Blessings: Venus in Taurus weddings will be blessed by sensuality, comfort and a sense of security and sustainability.

Venus in Gemini (July 4-July 31, 2017)

Venus in Gemini Offering: This airy Venus will appreciate bubbles blown in her honor, or flowers that attract butterflies and other winged creatures.

Venus in Gemini Blessings: Venus in Gemini weddings are blessed with wit, intelligence and many interesting conversations. Expect lots of new connections and friendships to be made.

Venus in Cancer (July 31-August 26, 2017)

Venus in Cancer Offering: This lunar-ruled Venus loves being honored with Moon symbols and she also loves the color silver, as in the “silvery light of the Moon”. Place a silver Moon statue or something similar in a prominent place at your wedding.

Venus in Cancer Blessings: Venus in Cancer will bless your wedding with good family vibes, a sense of connection to your history and a warm, connected feeling.

Venus in Leo (August 26-September 19, 2017)

Venus in Leo Offering: Solar-ruled Venus in Leo loves the Sun and the color gold. Honor her with both on your wedding day.

Venus in Leo Blessings: Venus in Leo will bless your wedding with a child-like feeling of fun and playfulness. This is a day to party and have a great time.

Venus in Virgo (September 19-October 14, 2017)

Venus in Virgo Offering: Venus in Virgo appreciates respect for the Earth, so honor her at your wedding by recycling, composting and being eco-friendly.

Venus in Virgo Blessings: Venus in Virgo will bestow your wedding with the blessings of simplicity, devotion and perfection.

Venus in Libra (October 14-November 7, 2017)

Venus in Libra Offering: Beauty and pleasure is her thing, so make sure you’ve got plenty of fresh flowers, amazing views and sweet smelling substances to please Venus in Libra.

Venus in Libra Blessings: Venus in Libra will bless your wedding with peacefulness, harmony, balance and, of course, beauty.

Venus in Scorpio (November 7-December 1, 2017)

Venus in Scorpio Offering: As a goddess of the underworld, Venus in Scorpio appreciates pomegranates, so leave out a bowl or arrangement of this ruby red fruit for her.

Venus in Scorpio Blessings: Venus in Scorpio will bless your wedding with depth, intensity, passion and power.

Venus in Sagittarius (December 1-December 25, 2017)

Venus in Sagittarius Offering: Venus in Sagittarius is honored by the untamed and free, so leave her something that comes from the wild and lives freely, like a pinecone or a feather.

Venus in Sagittarius Blessings: This jovial goddess will bestow the blessings of laughter, diversity and wisdom on your wedding.

Venus in Capricorn (December 25, 2017—January 17, 2018)

Venus in Capricorn Offering: Ruled by the mountain goat, Venus in Capricorn is honored by that which is steady and secure. Leave out a beautiful rock or crystal for her to admire.

Venus in Capricorn Blessings: Enjoy the sense of safety, stability and commitment that this goddess will lend to your wedding.

Venus in Aquarius (January 17-February 10, 2018)

Venus in Aquarius Offering: Quirky and offbeat, the Venus in Aquarian goddess is honored by gifts from the sky. Leave representations of stars, planets and other cosmic symbols to please her.

Venus in Aquarius Blessings: You’ll have a wedding like no other with Venus in Aquarius involved. She’ll bring you the gift of authenticity, freedom and uniqueness on your wedding day.

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