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Weight Loss and Astrology, Part II – Sport and Exercise

When it comes to weight loss, we have several factors to consider. We’ve already looked at our relationship to food.

I also want to examine our attitudes towards exercise. Remember, you’ll need your birthchart in front of you as you read this, and, if you need additional information on understanding the “astrologese,” please refer to the links below which give you some basic astrological information.

In astrology, there is no House of Exercise, but we normally associate the planet of Mars with action and exercise.

So let’s look at Mars in your natal chart, the first house (Ascendant), and the house of your chart where Aries is.

My brother Wade loves running, weight lifting, and calisthenics. He’s done marathons, biathlons, and triathlons. He’s an outdoorsman who camps and hikes and fishes. He rides a motorcycle and enjoys chopping wood. My brother has Aries on his Ascendant (the cusp of his first house). This is the natural home of Aries and makes Aries quite strong in his chart, as is shown by his interest in so many physical pursuits. Wade also has Mars in Sagittarius in the 9th house, highly elevated and trine his Aries Ascendant and a Pluto/Jupiter conjunction in Leo. Mars is also quite strong in his chart. He has chosen a life full of physical activity, and it suits him. He is a man of radiant health and physicality. Should he wish, he could be good at teaching others about physical fitness.

As a Pisces, Wade might have been encouraged to swim and to do yoga and other meditative forms of exercise. He does enjoy swimming and fishing, but his exercise style is much better described by looking at the Aries, Mars, and 1st house of his chart.

Is Wade a model for the rest of us? Not unless our charts have a lot of similarity to his. Mine doesn’t. I have always abhorred exercise and have avoided it whenever possible. With Cancer on the Ascendant, I am inclined to retain fluid and to have trouble sticking with exercise beyond one cycle of the Moon. Aries is in my 10th house, intercepted, which means that it does not rule that house but merely resides there and is activated only by transiting planets. I can’t look to my Ascendant or to Aries in my chart for a lot of help when it comes to exercise, although the Cancer Ascendant does suggest that swimming would be good for me as well as any exercise which feels nurturing and touchy-feely. It is suggested that if I could find work which incorporated a certain amount of physical activity, that this would be profitable for me, as well.

For me, my best hope for success in exercise is my 8th house Mars in Aquarius. Mars in Aquarius is a thinking Mars. This means that for me, exercise is best if it combines mental activity. In the past, I have had success in taking dance, Tai Chi, and Kung Fu. All of these had mental as well as physical components. Any exercise which I perceive as mindless is a poor choice. I have had some success in listening to books on tape while walking. For me, the lure of the mental is strong, and I will be more attracted to and enthusiastic about exercise which has a strong mental component, even it if an artificial one, one that I have superimposed upon the exercise itself. With my Mars in the 8th house, I would be attracted to exercises which are intense, exotic or transformative, hence the attraction to Kung Fu.

In retrospect, I can say that the periods of my life where I was most physically active, I was also happiest with my body, no matter what my weight. So, I find it no surprise that many who are uncomfortable with Mars, Aries, and exercise also have problems with our weight and with body shame.

Where is the action in your chart? What inspires you to exercise? What types of exercise are most compatible for you? How can you motivate yourself to exercise more?

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