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What Astrology House Are YOU In?

This page will help you learn what Astrology House you are in. “Walking the Wheel” around each of the Houses is the 1st level of any Astrology Chart Reading. There are 12 Houses total, that means 1 houses approximately every 30 days. 1 Month = 1 House.

In Spiritual Astrology you have your own unique sacred year. It starts with the moment (and day) you were born and unfolds for one year. Your 1st birthday starts your 1st house for your 1st year.

Trying to learn the lessons of each House (each month) will give you great insights into your personal sacred year.

What Astrology House are you in? (Beware this is “Instructional”)

It is pretty easy to discover what House you are in. Take a look at the Wheel below as an example.

astrology houses

Remember the 12 Houses are approximately 30 days apart. Your 1st House always starts on your birthday.

So if my birthday is February 13th, my 1st House would be from February 13th to March 13th and would last approxiamately 30 days. Don’t count exactly 30 days, just go from number of one month to the same number of the following month.

My 2nd House would start on March 13th and end on April 13th. My 3rd House would begin on April 13th and end on May 13th, etc.

For now, you can do the same thing by drawing out your own Wheel and just changing the dates in each of the Astrology Houses.

Simply start with your birthdate in the 1st House and go forward a month to the same day as your birthday. Mine is the 13th, so I go from the 13th to the 13th each month.

Go to each of the remaining Houses and figure out what dates go to each of the 12 Houses.

Once you have figured out what House your are in, you will want to learn more about the specific House.


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