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What Can Astrology Do For You

After the initial hurdles of skepticism concerning astrology have been navigated, one of the first questions asked by any student or client of astrology is “In what way is astrology informing my life, my personality, and my choices, and how can it assist me?”

It is said by a great many philosophers and esotericists that the key to fulfillment and liberation in one’s life is self-knowledge. Astrology is one of the most powerful tools to assist in self-inquiry and self-knowledge. A working knowledge of astrological symbolism and techniques either through self-study or through a competent astrological interpreter can illuminate the deep structures of consciousness that inform the more superficial and observable behaviors, themes, and repeated areas of concern in one’s life.

More specifically, astrology can:

• illuminate themes and issues that have been a consistent source of tension or irritation in one’s life.

• make conscious particular blind spots or unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

• allow one to work with the deeper currents of one’s life progression.

• realign one’s life with one’s soul purpose.

• enlighten one to archetypal, or universal, patterns of existence.

• allow one to create a more meaningful relationship to the world.

• validate times of transformation, transition, crisis, or pain.

• be a gateway to assist in transcending habits, obsessions, or stuck patterns.

• time general trends that lie ahead in one’s future.

• radically change and challenge one’s perception.

If you thought that astrology was all about what sun sign you are, and reading the daily horoscopes in the paper – think again! Professional astrology has a wide variety of uses and applications. Some of most popular services can be categorised into Individual Astrology Services and Astrological Planning and Decision-Making.

So, what can astrology do for you today?

Individual Astrology Services

Natal charts – also called ‘birth charts’: the key to using astrology to unlock your individual personality, strengths and opportunities. Natal chart analysis is an in-depth analysis and synthesis of the hundreds of variables within your own unique birth chart.

Synastry charts – astrological relationship analysis tools, giving a unique insight into the way any particular relationship functions, and how to keep it healthy and happy!

Progressions/Transits – astrological methods for forecasting coming astrological trends, offering much advice on how to maximise positive energies and minimise potentially disruptive ones.

Astrological Planning & Decision Services

Astrology can help you to make the future happen the way you want it to. Electional astrology is an event planning tool, and horary astrology is a precise and detailed questioning to help in planning major life events or dealing with dilemmas and decisions.

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