Astrology and Horoscopes

What Is An Astrological Consultation?

Have you ever considered consulting an astrologer? Do you fear that he or she would predict unpleasant things, or tell you things you wouldn’t want to know? No, that is not what astrology is about. Astrology is not limiting, it is does not deny your freewill, or tell you if you will win the lottery. Astrology does not work through cause and effect. It is not a rational system of prediction, but a dance of symbolic images in which you can see yourself as if in a mirror.

How does it work? Is it ‘scientific’, or is it superstitious nonsense? It is neither of those things. It is a language of the imagination, like poetry, like music, like art. It opens a door to the hidden parts of yourself, it allows you to explore yourself and your life in a way which liberates you from false judgments or negativity, allowing new approaches to difficult situations through identifying and locating specific problems.

Astrology is about timing and life-cycles, allowing the beginings and endings of phases to come into focus, timing your moves to maximum effect, knowing when to stop trying to change a dead-end situation.

What is an astrological consultation?

In a consultation, an astrologer explore your birth chart and any current issues related to your health, finances, home, creativity, children, work, relationships, vocation and any other aspect of your life. Advice can be given on concrete issues such as job changes, house moves, relationship dynamics.

The planets in the different signs of the zodiac when you were born are like different voices inside you, each demanding to be heard, often with conflicting demands. So often we fight against ourselves and act against our best interests. Astrology can help you to untangle the threads, listen carefully to each voice, and find ways of harmonising and working with them.

Comparing two or more charts is also a powerful tool for considering the underlying dynamics of relationships, whether in marriage or business partnerships, or with children or friends.

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