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What Makes Your Child Special According To Astrology

Each sign holds a gift of purpose for the upliftment of humanity. When a parent knows and informs their child of their particular gift and ability, like a bird in a cage suddenly set free, the inner heart of the child bursts forth in gratitude for the information and recognition.

There are 12 gifts and 12 types of children. They follow the 12 constellations and are each looked over by 12 archangels.

  • Aries child: to be an inspiration to others
  • Taurus child: to calm, soothe and find comfort for others
  • Gemini child: to communicate, connect and inform others
  • Cancer child: to nurture and remember and care for others
  • Leo child: to love others and provide the heart of the matter
  • Virgo child: to bring forth order that it may serve others
  • Libra child: to relate to others as a form of beauty
  • Scorpio child: to question and research the reality of things
  • Sagittarius child: to dissolve boundaries between cultures
  • Capricorn child: to provide structure to others
  • Aquarius child: to glimpse the future and create the new order
  • Pisces child: to bring forth unseen dimensions and dance

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