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The Wounded Moon

The Wounded Moon

Specific Examples of The Wounded Moon

Primary Effect: Loss of Nurturing

There are several kinds of wounded Moons that are seen in specific planetary clusters of the Moon. Some people may have several planets connected with the Moon which create various kinds of psychological problems and attitudes. I call these attitudes “planetary scripts” because the individual is born with the belief that these scripts are true. They usually live out their life as if they are the victims of a Wounded Moon.

Having a Wounded Moon is not rare. In fact, I have found that at least 75% of the charts I have read over nearly 60 some years, show that the individual has some kind of Moon wound.

A Wounded Moon can be found in the chart of a person where the Moon is shown to be in an inharmonious relationship with another planet. The kind of planet that connects with the Moon in these pictures describes the particular kind of wound a person will experience. Let us look at some of these.

The Abandoned Moon

1. This Neptune Moon Cluster
Imparts The Feelings of Abandonment

Moon-NeptuneOne example is when the Moon is found in the same sign as the planet, Nepture. See the sample chart. Look for the symbol of the Moon in the chart which is in the sign of Scorpio in the twelfth house. Notice that there is another symbol above the Moon. This is the planet, Nepture. It is in the same sign as the Moon. I classify this planetary cluster as a specific type of Wounded Moon. I call it “The Abandoned Moon.”

A person with a happy Moon, or sustained Moon, feels secure inside. But, here, the Moon is afflicted by the larger planet Neptune which creates a unique script in the individual which may go something like this:

“I feel homeless. My mother and family never supported me. I did not receive any nurturing in my childhood. It is difficult for me to feel safe and I have a lot of anxieties around feeling secure. I feel like I was abandoned as a child.”

To look deeper into the Moon, you first need to know just what the Moon means in a birth chart. Here is a description of the Moon from the book, “No One Is a Mystery – How to Use the Planets to Understandy Anybody.” On page 149 of that book, it reads as follows:

The Moon (Feelings/Habits)

Desire For Security

“Mother Moon is the great nourisher, the food-giver. She owns the cookie jar. Her position in the sky at the moment of our birth shows where we seek security and nurturing. She reveals our relationship to our mother, our family, and where we look to be protected and sustained, and our emotional response to others. Because the Moon is a man’s heart, its sign position shows the kind of woman he looks to for emotional nurturing.

The Moon rules the stomach, home, family, mother, and real estate, and it relates to emotional and material comfort. Her daily motion through the sky shows the general mood of the people on earth any given day. She is very important for predictng the outcome of an event or enterprise.”

The Moon is fruitful when waxing, less so when waning. A person with a happy moon, feels secure inside. These types of moons are placed under the positive script category of the Moon in another section.

As shown above, the Moon is afflicted by the larger planet, Neptune.This person will have serious emotional concerns. So, it is not ony important to find the Moon Sign but how it relates to these larger planets in the chart. This particular celestial chemistry reveals the psychological chemistry of the individual.

The Depressed Moon

2. The Saturn Moon Cluster
Imparts The Feelings of Depression

The Angry Moon

3. The Pluto Moon Cluster
Imparts Anger Of Not Feeling Supported

The Unpredictable Moon

4. The Uranus Moon Cluster
Imparts Anger Over Emotional Restrictions

The Irritable Moon

5. The Mars Moon Cluster
Imparts Emotional Irritation When Pressured to Respond

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