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Your Birth Chart is a Life Clock

According to the Huber system of astrology (developed by Bruno and Louise Huber, with students and practitioners worldwide and The English Huber School), the birthchart can be read as a Life Clock.

We are all familiar with a baby’s milestones and the changes that occur throughout their first years of life, but this can be applied to adults. At certain ages we can expect particular themes and events to be prevalent at that time. You’ve heard of the mid-life crisis? Read on!

The twelve houses in the chart correspond with twelve periods of six years in your life, so by the time you have progressed around the chart you will be seventy two, time to enter your second childhood!

So from the age of 18 to 24, you will be in the Fourth House of home and family. This begins the separation process from the parental home and an opportunity to fly the nest.

From 24 to 30, you will be in the Fifth House, the area in your life associated with love affairs, creative self-expression, children and risk taking. Any one of these subjects will preoccupy you at this time.

From 30 to 36 you will be in the Sixth House, where work and service to others will be important. You may have an awareness of health matters for the first time and experiment with alternative therapies. If you are a woman, you may find that you put everyone else’s needs before your own, running around after children and partners. If you are a man, you will be concentrating on building a career and dealing with the pressures of work.

36 marks a major turning point. You are now opposite the Ascendent, exactly half way round your chart and maybe half way through your life. You are like Janus, the god who looks forwards and backwards. It may be that certain aspects of your life are no longer working. Time to change and put your head over the horizon. Quite often relationships do not withstand the pressures at this time and you may go through separation or divorce.

From 36 to 42 you will be in the Seventh House. You will learn more about relationships and yourself through how you relate to others. Maybe you will get married again or choose to have a period of being single again.

From 42 to 48 you will be in the Eighth House, maybe one of the most testing times in your life. This is the House associated with Scorpio so expect dramatic transformations, perhaps dealing with death of family members, and a chance to build your inner strengths and reserves as a result of life’s crises. The rewards can be great but it can be tough getting there!

From 48 to 54, you will be in the Ninth House. This is a time to perhaps learn new skills, return to study or maybe teach, and also family life may now give you the opportunity to travel overseas and not just build sandcastles on the beach. (Not that there is anything wrong with building sandcastles!!) You begin to formulate your own spritual values.

From 54 to 60 you earn the respect of others and may have reached the top of your profession. You are now in the Tenth House and will have established your position in society. You may feel particularly distant from the younger generation.

From 60 to 66 you enter the Eleventh House. Time to start looking back at your memories and achievements in life. Hopefully, you will have gathered a support network of good friends, as some of you maybe facing widowhood at this time. Perhaps you will belong to special clubs and groups, as you are now a senior citizen. Time to enjoy your retirement and take up new interests!

From 66 to 72. Congratulations! You have come full circle and you are now in the Twelfth House. This is time when you may face the loneliness that comes at this time and have to deal with health problems. However, you could, with a positive outlook begin a new orientation in your life. You begin to enter a second childhood and find that you may be fighting your own children with disinheritance threats, obstinacy and earn your self the title of being an “awkward bugger!”

Find out more in ‘Life Clock Age Progression in the Horoscope’ by Bruno and Louise Huber.




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