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Your Karmic Zodiac Sign

Your Karmic Zodiac SignDiscover your Karmic Sign

Saturn takes 29 years to complete one cycle of the Zodiac, spending over 2 years in each sign ~ Saturn moves into Sagittarius on 2nd November 2014 where it will remain until 2017.

Saturn is a strong disciplinarian and teaches us our lessons in this lifetime, it can be restricting and inhibiting. The sign in which Saturn falls in your Natal Chart is known as your Karmic Sign.

To discover your Karmic Sign, simply find your birth date in the drop down list below (dates are inclusive) for a brief meaning.

Saturn in Aries

Saturn bestows caution and restriction while Aries is associated with vigour and energy – these very contrasting factors cause conflict in your personality. Sometimes you will be strong, assertive and courageous, and at other times hesitant and unable to decide on the right course of action.

If you are able to strike a balance between these two sides of your personality you can combine these apparently contradictory traits in the most advantageous manner, so that extremes of action and inaction are avoided. You have a need to be bold, rash, and even a little foolish – to dare. You may have to work on being alone, on being more aggressive, challenging, and willful. You could have difficulty with leadership, self-assertion, and outgoingness, in general. A need to develop impulsiveness, the pioneer spirit, and pride in self. >>More about Saturn in Aries

Saturn in Taurus

You tend to be long-suffering, hard-working and will follow a prudent and rather rigid routine throughout your life. Your admirable patience and discretion sometimes seem to sap you of enthusiasm and originality. Ambition will spur you on to the top of your profession, but there can sometimes be a conflict between the love of luxury and the need to be careful with money.

You usually have an inner voice that accuses you of spending too lavishly or living too well. You will have to learn to ignore this voice sometimes if you wish to indulge your instincts. Although kindly to others, you are inhibited when expressing your emotions. You have difficulty feeling secure. You avoid routine and can’t seem to find the right environment for growth and development. This could include a fear of wealth and possessions. You need to develop the steady domestic virtues: routine work, regular growth, commitments, and so on. >>More about Saturn in Taurus

Saturn in Gemini

You have a stable personality and a focussed mind – you are more economical with words than most and put your views across forcefully, succinctly and impartially. Capable of highly disciplined thought, you probably excelled at maths and science. However, you are quite often considered uncommunicative, and when you do speak out you can be cynical or sarcastic.

You often have to resort to your off-beat humour when you offend others by expressing yourself more harshly than intended. You insist on honesty in communications but you need to guard against excessive criticism. You are prone to suspicion and doubt, and positive thinking and an optimistic outlook should be cultivated. You tend to avoid superficiality, hating small talk and communication in general. You may have difficulty making connections and linking up to others. You need to learn how to investigate, search out answers and explore possibilities. Basic communication skills are required.

Saturn in Cancer

You have a considerable degree of financial shrewdness – you not only have the ability to make money but also the intuition to invest wisely. You also have a strong sense of purpose and great tenacity when following a dedicated course. Your need for real emotional stability is very strong, but the ease or difficulty wit which this is achieved depends on how you were treated as a child. If your father was particularly strict or you were emotionally deprived, you may have suffered and, as a result, may find it difficult to take even small problems in your stride. You have a great desire for a stable and secure family life but have problems achieving it.

You tend to be anxious and have difficulty in sharing your problems with others. If this is not to affect your relationships and make you inhibited with your partner, you must try your best to free your emotions. You could have difficulty in letting go and feeling life, preferring instead to think about it rather than do it. Afraid of the sense world, you avoid plunging in and fear being caught or tied down. “To be or not to be…” is your question. There is a need to accept responsibility and limitations, as well as home, family, children, and such.

Saturn in Leo

Saturn in Leo means that you tend to take life seriously and the warmer qualities of Leo will not burn as brightly as they could unless there are other planets also occupying this sign – even then, Saturn will cloud a Leonine Sun. You have strength of will, are both loyal and determined, and are an excellent organiser – you are able to cope with the most difficult situations decisively and competently. However, you are often guilty of autocracy and pride – you are unwilling to accept any limitation and need to attain the goals you set yourself. Prepared to impose any discipline you feel is necessary to get you to the top, you pursue it to the exclusion of all else. This not only deprives you of a great deal of pleasure, but can harm your personal relationships with those less concerned with ambition and achievement. You tend to lose your sense of perspective and your loyalty can often be misplaced.

You seem to have an inner voice that is harsh and over authoritative. Even when you know that a gentle, sympathetic approach would suit your needs, you seem to choose the most painful course of action. Your habit of rigid self-discipline may be the result of an austere and conventional childhood; and as a parent you would tend to be autocratic and severe. To improve your relationships, you must learn to suppress your desire for power and develop objective values and opinions, you should also try to satisfy others’ needs as well as your own. You could be afraid to follow your own heart and to express yourself. Instead, you try to always keep your emotions in control. Children and animals are important in your life. You need to act out and express feelings – let go, learn to be the centre of attention, to be loved. Study nature, natural law. Let it flow. >>More about Saturn in Leo

Saturn in Virgo

When Saturn is in Virgo, it attempts to impose a very strict adherence to routine, and encourages caution, prudence, patience and modesty. Together with a strong sense of duty, these qualities will help you to work methodically and often successfully in any occupation. Your own rigid attitude to work can make you expect too much of less meticulous people, and when you are given authority over others, the regime you impose can be rather too austere and demanding, often alienating colleagues. Adherence to discipline, a powerful critical sense, and the aim to perform every task perfectly are admirable qualities, but need to be accompanied with sensitivity and thoughtfulness when brought to bear on others.

Too often you sound sarcastic and carping, but this also applies to you inner voice. Seeing yourself as failing to achieve perfection, you can become self-critical and lose confidence in your abilities – this can affect your dealings with those around you, but more importantly, you become introverted and shy. Learning to use Saturn in Virgo as a strong anchor, the practical caution it offers will be of the greatest help. It is well worth watching out for signs of obsession, which can build up under stress. You have a tendency to avoid responsibility or work and to put off taking care of details – delinquency. Application and practice is the remedy. Be specific. Take care of every last detail. Develop and use your critical faculties. Take care of business.

Saturn in Libra

Saturn in Libra gives you a natural sense of justice and powerful empathy with those who have been unfairly treated. You are impartial, flexible and fair, and positively need to see justice done – your kindness is directed by common sense and your advice is offered tactfully and diplomatically. You need a permanent emotional relationship, but often seem to go out of your way to avoid one, usually because you find it difficult to express your emotions freely – you are possibly sexually inhibited. You may offer convincing practical excuses for not committing yourself but usually the real reason lies much deeper than the excuse offered.

Saturn in Libra sharpens your conscience and when Libra prompts resentment at some supposed lack of gratitude in a friend, Saturn intervenes and does much to soften the bitterness that you express. You have difficulty with relationships and are very idealistic when it comes to friends. You are inflexible, seldom compromise, and find it hard to give in where other people are involved. You need to develop diplomacy and patience. Learn to give (as in “give in”) rather than oppose. Be flexible. >>More about Saturn in Libra

Saturn in Scorpio

You may have a dark and brooding intensity, although your rather dour personality is lightened by an offbeat sense of humour. You are purposeful and determined, with a great deal of emotional energy directed at achieving your objectives. You also have an exceptionally shrewd business sense, and would do well in big business or the international money market. Hard work and a strong emotional commitment to your objectives go without saying, but there can be a tendency to over-spend. You know how to enjoy yourself and are willing to spend money on good food and wine.

On the negative side, obsessive tendencies are all too likely, with perseverance becoming fixation and stubbornness. There can also be a somewhat cruel streak, emerging when you are striving for a goal and find others standing in your way. Ruthlessness can then surface. Your sex life can be complicated by an inhibition to fully express desire, making you feel restless and unfulfilled. In a partnership your inner voice sometimes instigates jealousy, and if this is not combated it can have a negative effect, not only on a partnership but also on your own equilibrium – and sometimes in your physical well being. You have difficulty owning up to any selfishness, sexuality or mental undercurrents of any kind. You may attempt to deny your passions, but you need to accept instincts, attachments, and all things natural. Allow your desires to function unhindered. Take off the straight-jacket. Feel it.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Your capacity for concentration is strong and you have no difficulty fulfilling your intellectual potential. As a child you appeared to have a ‘wise head on young shoulders’. As both a child and adult you are straightforward and honest, particularly in speech – you do not hesitate to utter truths that may be out of line with the conventional view of things.

When faced with a challenge, however, you are less brave – you want to act as positively as you speak, but your self-confidence and enthusiasm are dampened, and this can result in the inhibition of endeavour. This caution can sometimes amount to trepidation, which is likely to stand in the way of accomplishment. There could be difficulty with long-term goals and philosophies. You don’t trust them. Nearsighted, with your nose to the grindstone, you need to travel and explore the length and breadth of the mind and world. Open up. Learn to value freedom, frankness, independence. Look up!

Saturn in Capricorn

You have determination, ambition and practical ability, excellently controlled by a measure of caution. You may make too many sacrifices in order to achieve personal ambitions, and this can have a detrimental effect on your family life, with too much time spent at work and too little time at home. This is not because you care too little for your partner or children, but because you care too much, and are eager to provide well for them. The strong materialistic streak that often runs through your character makes it very difficult for you to achieve a balance between home and work. Organisational problems. You have a tendency to avoid taking charge or responsibility and may need to accept a more disciplined and serious approach to life. Learn to enjoy hard work. Persevere. Learn how to manage. You may feel uncomfortable when in the public eye.

Saturn in Aquarius

You are determined to pursue your ambitions, and you have a highly original mind. Saturn from Aquarius encourages scientific potential and so will the Aquarian humanitarian impulse. There is a tendency for early opinions to become fixed and if your ideas or opinions are contested you can be stubborn and resort to cunning to achieve your goals. You are often torn between the desire for convention and the inclination to be unconventional.

You will alternatively need safety and security, then adventure, originality and independence. A painful conflict can arise when you find it difficult to throw away all your carefully laid plans in order to act on impulse. You are generally friendly but sometimes the Aquarian need for privacy will arise, and even though it brings loneliness you will shrink away from close contact with others. You have an innate distrust of groups or large organisations and could tend to avoid what is new or future-oriented. You are, perhaps, too conservative and need to develop a sense of community and sharing with others. Learn to be independent. Practice impartiality and altruism. Be innovative.

Saturn in Pisces

Shyness and inhibition can all too often make life difficult for you. Saturn brings wholly admirable qualities from Pisces: humility, sympathy and the capacity for self-sacrifice, but although intuition will be strong and dependable, you do not usually have a great deal of self-confidence, and the instinct to shrink from action can prevent you from making any real progress. The attractive side of this picture shows a self-effacing individual, who continually fails to recognise their real value to society and friends.

Hopefully, influences can be found elsewhere in the birth chart that will give you the strength to counter your negative tendencies. Saturn in Pisces should be disabling only if the rest of the birth chart indicates a rather pessimistic outlook on life. To gain confidence and find your true potential, you need to tap into the powerful imaginative force that Saturn brings from Pisces. There could be problems with selfishness. You tend to ignore or avoid opportunities to help out and give of yourself. You fear the deeper, mystical side of life and need to practice putting others before yourself. Also learn to use intuition and feelings. Lend a helping hand.

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