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Your Lucky Zodiac SignDiscover Your LUCKY Zodiac Sign

Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System and takes approximately 12 years to travel through all signs of the Zodiac, spending on average 1 year in each. Jupiter moved into Virgo on 12th August 2015 where it will remain until 9th September 2016.

Luck and good fortune are associated with Jupiter and the sign in which Jupiter falls in your Natal Chart is known as your Lucky Sign. Jupiter often turns Retrograde – having a restrictive effect on your life path.

To discover your Lucky Sign, simply find your birth date in the drop down list below (dates are inclusive) for a brief meaning.

Jupiter in Aries

You are broad-minded and assertive. You are likely to possess a devil-may-care attitude and a love of freedom, which is very important to you. You are decisive, even to the point of acting more quickly than is prudent, and sometimes extravagantly generous, but you cannot resist emphasising your own achievements and occasionally appear boastful and vainglorious. You could pursue a career as a leader or pioneer. You tend to be the one who takes the initiative and are courageous and often fearless to the point of being foolish. Success for you in most things is second nature. Always “walking point,” you tend to be a loner, a warrior. Confident, single-minded, you are sometimes rash but are always direct – straight out.

Jupiter in Taurus

Material success can be yours if you encourage your desire to be successful; making money will always be a prime motive to you. You tend to invest cleverly and well. You have an excellent sense of timing and are able to predict the movements of the market. You are generous and derive great pleasure from entertaining others. You have a green thumb in many areas, able to cultivate and nurture almost any subject. Making money is second nature, and you are able to field ideas and bring forth growth and success. A steady worker, you could also be a backer or money maker. >>More about Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter in Gemini

You are clever and versatile, however your threshold for boredom is especially low – boredom is a great enemy and for that reason you sometimes find it difficult to persevere with work that requires sustained concentration. You are often clever but tend to scatter your interests too wide, your mind ending up full of fascinating but useless information. You would excel in a career that requires comprehensive general knowledge such as journalism or research, but are less likely to succeed in a job that requires single-minded study. A career in communications of one kind or another is indicated, for you are a kind of living link or channel. You love investigations, reporting, writing, speaking, broadcasting, advertising – any and all networking. Forever curious, you love searching for answers and following leads.

Jupiter in Cancer

You love your home and family, but are also devoted to humanitarian action in general. You have a wonderful natural sympathy and kindness, and an instinctive understanding of others’ problems and difficulties. You tend to be unsure in your opinions, and this is often shown in a tendency to move from one area of work to another, or to change political or religious commitments. You are as devoted to family life as you are to humanitarian work, and there can be difficulties when one comes into conflict with the other – if only in the amount of time available for each. A career in big business is possible, for you like broad, secure foundations. It is important for you to feel safe, and you are very domestic – family, home, and children. Supportive and nurturing, you use your intuition and gut instinct over thought and deliberation. Fiercely loyal, you are a street fighter when protecting your own interests or those you love. Very dependable.

Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter stands centre stage when it is in Leo, and so do you – you have great dramatic flair and any accusation of showiness is probably well-founded. You often have the right to be proud – for you have qualities that deserve to be recognised, such as intelligence, ambition and acting ability. However, the danger of over-doing things is considerable. Your passion for life, and for making the fullest possible use of every moment is in itself excellent, can be extremely wearing. You should try to curb your inflated ego and avoid self-satisfaction and bombast, allowing your natural enthusiasm inspire others rather than trying to dragoon others into enthusiasm or action. You would love a career that is creative and expressive. Always dramatic, you are a born entertainer and salesperson – warm, loud, and gregarious. Proud, you have an inner need to express feelings and emotions to others. You can be self-centered and are driven to leadership positions by a sense of your own inner worth.

Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter encourages expansion and the broad approach to life while Virgo favours a narrower, more detailed approach. There can be conflict when you are faced with the need to take a broad view of a situation, for in attempting to do so, you may unexpectedly lose self-confidence and be unable to make a firm decision. Fortunately, Jupiter brings from Virgo a matter-of-fact approach to life, which will help you reach the right conclusions and, as time goes by, you will be able to look back on a number of successes, the recollection of which will bolster your faith in yourself and your judgement. A service career is a perfect choice, for you want very much to be of use, to be used up. You have a fantastic appetite for detail work, and can take it all in and still look for more. Willing and able to respond to almost any emergency, you are responsible and always ready.

Jupiter in Libra

You are an easy-going, casual, sympathetic, kindly and completely charming person who loves comfort. You may be driven to uncharacteristic hard work by your need to make money in order to enjoy the comfortable, even luxurious lifestyle that you require if you are to be happy. The comfort and luxury you attain will be shared generously, even extravagantly with friends; you probably have a well-deserved reputation as a genial host. The love of entertainment felt by you stems partially from your hatred of loneliness, and you will cultivate both business and emotional partnerships. You could enjoy a career working with people as a go-between, negotiator, or mediator, for you can be all things to all people – the mirror. You are not interested in what runs deep, but prefer to control what goes on at the surface. That’s enough for you. Open and not self-centered, you are a natural diplomat.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Scorpio is not a sign that will tolerate half measures, and Jupiter at its strongest is equally resolute. These two influences combine to create a character that has a desire for progress in every area of life. You want to feel you are moving forward, to see natural development taking place, whether in your career or in your emotional life. Action is your byword, and too often you seem not to have heard of moderation. You have a tendency to overdo things and can burn yourself out in pursuit of business and pleasure. You need to pace yourself, but you may find this difficult. An in-fighter, with animal-like instincts when it comes to big business, you are always where the action is most intense. Your penetrating mind gets through the flannel and straight to the bottom line every time. Exciting to be near, you are an entrepreneur, the big wheel. Sometimes restless, driven.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

You have a natural happy-go-lucky side to your character. In early life this probably worked against you, when you were likely to prefer the sports field to the classroom or lecture hall. You may incur sports injuries, because your exuberance can lead to recklessness. You are optimistic to a fault and admirably, if indiscriminately enthusiastic; blind optimism is not unknown. You began to develop intellectually when out of the first flush of youth; you have become thoughtful and even philosophical. You recognise that you always need to be learning. Always on the go, you are a skilled diplomat, negotiator, or representative. Honest, frank, and to the point, you hate routines and love the outdoors, travel, and sports. An eternal optimist, you are open, friendly, and lucky too. Always the philosopher, you are not much taken with emotions. Independent. >>Read more about Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Capricorn

You are a combination of the positive extroverted qualities of Jupiter and the negative, introverted qualities of Capricorn. You are ambitious and determined, welcoming responsibility, able and willing to work extremely hard and persistently, and having admirable powers of concentration. Your outlook on life is very sensible and intelligent, and you accept challenges readily. Common sense and caution will always inform your every move. You may occasionally have a pessimistic or bleak view of life, but your quirky sense of humour is never far away. The perfect manager: conservative and professional in all things. Your career is all-important. A “doer,” you are always practical. Never ruled by emotions, you are cool, capable, and competent. You are quick to get the outline or skeleton of a project, to see how things work.

Jupiter in Aquarius

You have powerful humanitarian emotions, and will put them to practical use in helping both friends and strangers. You need to help and have the imagination and originality to do it in a rewarding and non-patronising way. You are tolerant and impartial, fully sympathetic to the hardships and predicaments of others – but, again, strongly practical and unsentimental. The humour of Jupiter will warm your coolness, and it is not be difficult to become friendly with you. A true progressive, especially in community or group work, you are democratic to the point of being radical – an idealist. You are cool and impersonal when it comes to being fair or just, with a great interest in new trends and world affairs. You are future-oriented and application-minded.

Jupiter in Pisces

Kindness, sympathy and a caring attitude towards others is strong in you, and compassion will be married to a natural friendliness that ensures sympathy and help are offered in a manner that is easy to accept. People working in the caring professions often have Jupiter in Pisces – it can be instrumental in their choice of career, and will assist them make progress, whether as doctors, nurses or aid workers. These people also make good vets, as they tend to have a natural love of animals and a considerable rapport with them. Emotion, imagination and intuition are all enhanced. You are a real humanitarian, with a genuine interest in social work and able to sacrifice yourself to help others. You have a love of what’s beyond the surface: religion, psychology, and mysticism. Intuitive, sensitive to emotions, and sympathetic, you are always giving of yourself and would make an excellent counsellor. You are farsighted and future-oriented.

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