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WE ARE DRAWN TO our opposite sign as if that sign had an energy necessary to our sense of balance or completion. Opposite signs can fill in the missing puzzle pieces of our psyche. Although there can be conflict, there is also an important learning relationship.

Even if we don’t know someone of the opposite sign, we can learn from the characteristics of that sign .

Aries learns from opposite sign Libra to objectify, cooperate socially, and love justice

Taurus learns from high type Scorpios or Eagles an uncompromising integrity.

Gemini learns from Sagittarius to respect social ethics and see the big picture.

Cancer learns from Capricorn to de-sentimentalize and be highly responsible.

Leo learns from Aquarius to respect group wisdom and avoid idealistic extremes.

Virgo learns from Pisces to be compassionate in service to others.

Libra learns from Aries to dare new ideas and stay optimistic.

Scorpio learns from Taurus patience and tenacity.

Sagittarius learns from Gemini initiative and communication skills.

Capricorn learns from Cancer a kindness toward others and a devotion to home.

Aquarius learns from Leo to trust and to share knowledge.

PISCES learns from Virgo to plan out a day e.g., by making a list of “three” priorities that must be accomplished. Then the rest of the day will work itself out.

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