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Your Rebellion Zodiac Sign

Your Rebellion Zodiac SignDiscover your Rebellion Zodiac Sign

Uranus is the first of the “modern” planets, discovered in 1781. As it takes 84 years to complete one cycle of the Zodiac (7 years in each sign), it exerts a generational influence over many people. Uranus has been in Aries since 11th March 2011 where it will remain until 2018, when it will move into Taurus.

Uranus is the planet of revolution, its influence can be traced to world wars in the early part of the 20th Century and to the sit-ins and protests of the early 1960s. The placing of Uranus in a Destiny Chart adds personality, willfulness and a dash of rebellion to each generation. The sign in which Uranus falls in your Natal Chart is therefore known as your Rebellion Sign. Uranus often turns retrograde (backwards), causing more unrest than usual.

To discover your Rebellion Sign, simply find your birth date in the drop down list below (dates are inclusive) for a brief meaning.

Uranus in Taurus

Stubbornness is the hallmark of those born with Uranus in Taurus, and it will be exacerbated if other fixed signs are prominent in your chart. You often seem to be totally inflexible, and once you have made up your mind it is impossible to make you revise your opinion – with the possibility that even changes in social attitudes or fashion will pass you by. This position is excellent if your chart in general suggests self-doubt or indecision. For instance, if there is an emphasis on Libra, Uranus will contribute a degree of stability and firmness or purpose that might otherwise be missing.

You may sometimes feel a clash between the Taurean desire to take a conventional view or action, and the Uranian instinct to be unconventional and suddenly do something that is surprising and distinctive. People who can balance these two instincts tend to be original and practical, and their contributions in times of difficulty are extremely valuable – the influences of Uranus and Taurus working in combination at their best. You may occasionally have a rather eccentric and contrary attitude to money – one minute you are over-extravagant, spending a great deal on glamorous evenings out; the next you suddenly pull in your horns and economise rigorously.

Uranus in Gemini

Uranus works well from Gemini, where it encourages dynamism, liveliness and originality. You are capable of making innovative contributions to a discussion or line of action. However, you should be encouraged to pause for a second before leaping in with your suggestions, for you tend not to think things through. If the birth chart suggests an intellectual bent, for instance if Mercury and Jupiter are well placed by sign and aspect, then Uranus in Gemini should be especially beneficial, sharpening the attitude and response, especially in argument and debate. Individuals who work in the media or follow an academic or political career are likely to benefit. The technical side of the communication industry may also appeal to you subjects.

The restless and nervous Gemini influence combined with the tension of Uranus can cause problems with stress. If Uranus receives oppositions or squares from the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Mercury in your birth chart, such an aspect is likely to be a source of tension; you worry about the fact that you have difficulty in relaxing or sleeping. Relaxation techniques such as yoga may help. If Mars is badly aspected in your birth chart, you may have a tendency to suffer from headaches.

Uranus in Cancer

At its best, Uranus in Cancer enhances your imagination, which will have a wonderfully original slant; it is definitely an asset in the chart of anyone who has creative ability. However, you will often feel confused because of your urge to act idiosyncratically. Uranus combined with the moodiness of Cancer can cause problems – Uranus is a cold, unemotional planet that encourages logical thinking and clear, decisive action; whilst Cancer is associated with intuition and emotions.

You are very innovative in your approach to home, family, and the domestic scene and can really see how to get into traditional values. You have natural insight into sensations, feelings, and just living life. You like to relax by gardening, cooking, and being with family. You get off on the humdrum. If Uranus is personalised, or the Sun, Moon or Ascendant are also in Cancer in your Destiny Chart, inner confusion is likely to be a source of tension. This confusion affects not only you but also those around you, who never know quite where they stand or what to expect. You should try to let the qualities of the planet and sign complement each other, rather than fight. >>More about Uranus in Cancer

Uranus in Leo

Dynamic energy and the capacity for vigorous leadership is evident in those with Uranus in Leo – you tend to relish power, to the extent that you can be positively autocratic. You are lively and inspiring, and you are likely to be charismatic. There may be a strong sense of the dramatic, which would be helpful in public speaking, and because Leo is a creative sign you have inventive flair.

However, there are one or two problems with which it is necessary to come to terms – Leo is a fixed sign, while Uranus is associated with stubbornness, and you can become a completely immovable object that the most powerful force has difficulty in shifting. Leo is also a warm and enthusiastic fire sign, while Uranus is somewhat distant, and you can sometimes seem cool, calculating and unemotional. You have great insight into matters of personal freedom. You come up with brilliant ways to express, emote or act things out. New methods of lovemaking, raising children, caring for animals are yours. You are outspoken, very dramatic, impressive, and even regal. You relax with children, sports, acting, singing, and such. You really like yourself.

Uranus in Virgo

Uranus in Virgo encourages you to work in detail, to analyse and research, and it inspires an original approach to any project. Virgo, an Earth sign, tends to be very conventional, encouraging people to go for well-tried, familiar courses of action; Uranus demands originality and innovation. There may be an inner conflict between these two urges, but if there is some way that they can be reconciled, you will be spectacularly successful in solving problems that are too difficult for others.

You must learn to reconcile the different elements of your personality and accept Uranus’ encouragement to be “different”; it would be unfortunate to allow the Virgoan side of your character to suppress your originality. You find new ways to serve others and you have brilliant insights into diet, health, ecology, conservation, and the like. New or alternate life styles and ways to make a living interest you. You are economy personified, always able to salvage and redeem anything. You like to tend and care for people and things. You relax by working.

Uranus in Libra

From Libra, Uranus contributes great powers of attraction, similar to those found in the Sun-sign Libra. You are loving and romantic, but unlike Sun-sign Librans, have a strong independent streak from Uranus that will battle constantly against your Libran longing for a solid and lasting personal relationship. Your partner will sometimes feel that they are being treated coolly and that you are too independent to make a proper commitment. In most cases, only a thread of independence will emerge in the attitude towards partners, but if either Venus or Uranus is a personal planet, or they are in aspect to each other, these contrasting traits – desire for both partnership and independence – may cause problems in a relationship.

You can find new ways to relate and may be innovative in marriage and social conventions. Very tolerant and accepting of differences, you have good insights into all social values. Independent. You like to facilitate, compromise, and otherwise show your breadth of scope – like a coat of many colours. If either your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in Aquarius it is likely that you want a partnership but not a particular partner. It is important for you to come to terms with this facet of your personality if you are to be honest with potential partners.

Uranus in Scorpio

The influence of Uranus is at its most intricate when working from Scorpio. Uranus is exalted in this sign, so its strength will be increased dramatically. When its dynamic force is added to the emotional intensity of Scorpio, it endows you with extraordinary power – you are brave and daring, but tend to disguise this fact. You do not like to show emotion or lose control, and will always remain calm on the surface, even if inwardly you are boiling with anger or disgust. It is very important for you to use your emotions constructively, and to release them gradually so that positive achievements and inner satisfaction might be gained.

Uranus was in Scorpio from 1975 to 1981 and those people born during this period are still quite young. The most dynamic of this generation will have either the Sun or Moon in Scorpio, or a Scorpio Ascendant – they will feel a powerful need to influence the course of world events, and many of them do so – sometimes by the most positive and telling arguments and actions, and at others with behaviour that is quite negative and destructive. You are innovative in sexual matters (anything taboo) and have insights into what makes our darker side tick. All things mystical and occult hold your interest. Drugs too. You have new thoughts on desires and possessions. You enjoy sex and respect cravings of all kinds. >>More about Uranus in Scorpio

Uranus in Sagittarius

You have a strong need for challenge that is complemented by your attraction to all new and original things. You are often attracted to the most up-to-date developments in technology. You may have a particular concern for ecology and the problems of the environment and working in this field would enable you to express your originality and mental vigour. Both intellectually and physically adventurous, you are quick to use your talents in the most positive way, possibly employing science to prevent future ecological disasters.

Your approach to the problems of the Earth is unlikely to be negative and, provided you were encouraged as a child to recognise the beauty of the Earth, you have grown up with a deeply protective attitude towards it. You have new philosophies and ideas for the future and new approaches to travel and exploration (of all kinds). Long journeys interest you. You may startle others with your direct conversations, always getting right to the nitty-gritty. You enjoy being alone, free, and on the move. The original optimist.

Uranus in Capricorn

A certain amount of conflict is present when Uranus is in Capricorn – often with unexpected and original responses, including unpredictability to the point of perversity, while the sign is one of rationality, coolness of outlook and the ability to put problems in the most coherent and logical perspective. You may find these conflicting attitudes confusing and have difficulty in deciding how to overcome particular problems.

However, if you are able to use the two conflicting approaches to weigh up situations with clear-headed reason and then act, often unexpectedly, and with original flair, you will get the best of both worlds. A humanitarian side is apparent within you and it will be put to work in a practical and down-to-earth way. However, because you are capable of being cruel to be kind, your solutions can sometimes appear rather harsh.

Uranus in Aquarius

Uranus rules Aquarius and is given additional power when it is in this position. You have many of the traits of a typical Sun-sign Aquarian – friendly, kind and humane, and likely to be a very private person who can be difficult to get to know. You are individualistic in your approach and behaviour – thinking out your own approach to problems rather than relying on advice, however well founded and well meant. Susceptibility to appeals for help are common in you, especially from causes with which you feel an emotional affinity – you are ready not only to subscribe to charities but also to work for them – you will work to raise money for any fund of which you approve, and try your utmost to look for ways of easing any suffering.

Uranian unpredictability may make you even more individual in character than the average Sun-sign Aquarian, but you may also be somewhat intractable; it is difficult to woo you from a course of action that may be unsafe. Look at other areas of your birth chart to evaluate how strongly these traits are marked. If Air signs are prevalent or emphasised in any way, this placing of Uranus will be even more powerful and influential, and inventiveness and originality will be joined by a real flair for whatever areas of self-expression you choose.

Uranus in Pisces

One might expect the combination of forces of Uranus and Pisces to be a recipe for confusion and disaster; their traits are after all extremely dissimilar – Pisces being emotional and compassionate whilst Uranus is very independent and detached. However, you have an inspired idealism that is supported by the ability to approach problems with objectivity. A sense of vision combines with kindness and sympathy. Pisces will always persuade someone to sacrifice self for the good of others, and Uranus is reputed to be the most humane of all the planets.

So, here is originality, imagination and inspiration – in combination, these energies will work very well for anyone who has a creative or inventive streak. But for those who are somewhat gullible, these energies can be very susceptible to bad influences – you may have rather a strong tendency to “follow my leader”, sometimes in undesirable directions. Uranus can then bring considerable tension and emotional strain.

If there is further emphasis on Pisces in your chart, or other signs of escapist or self-destructive tendencies in your chart, you will seek to take the easy way out when faced with a crisis, and if a problem is really severe you may even turn to drugs or alcohol. Much more likely is that the positive side of the influence will prevail – contributing attractive and interesting traits – this is the case even when Uranus is not very powerfully placed in your chart. >>More about Uranus in Pisces

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