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Your Spiritual Zodiac SignNeptune was discovered in 1846 and is the second of the “modern” planets. It takes 165 years to traverse the Zodiac, staying in each sign for 14 years ~ it therefore exerts a mass influence on a generation. In February 2012 Neptune moved into Pisces where it will remain until 4th April 2025.

Neptune rules what you cannot touch – he is the master of illusion. The planet affects everything from fantasy to fashion. The sign in which Neptune falls in your Natal Chart is known as your Spiritual Zodiac Sign and will tell you why you search for answers in the skies or consider yoga as the best outlet for your imagination. Neptune often turns Retrograde – its retrograde influence affecting inner thought of a generation more than usual.

To discover your Spiritual Zodiac Sign, simply look in the chart below for the year and month of your birth and click the sign for a brief meaning.

Neptune in Virgo

Between 1928 and 1943, Neptune occupied Virgo. People with this placing were the first generation to move away from accepted religious beliefs – they questioned social conditions and developed idealistic attitudes, prompting a more caring social attitude from that of their contemporaries. Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) was travelling through Pisces’ polar sign, Virgo, which by nature is very analytical and critical. Also, Mercury rules Virgo and just before Neptune entered Virgo, cinema discovered sound and radio grew in popularity. If Virgo is prominent or Neptune personalised, your imagination will be stimulated and may be expressed through writing. Neptune softens the Virgo character and augments the emotional level, but it can also lower self-confidence – as a result, your critical faculty undermines your determination to achieve.

Neptune in Libra

People with Neptune in Libra were born either when the Western world was at war, or during the turbulent years of the Cold War that followed. Growing up they became the flower children of the late 1960s and 1970s. Some people from this generation opted out of society; life for them became relaxed, easy, harmonious and entirely impractical. This was peace-loving Libra married to the self-deceptive, illusory Neptune – surely one of the most striking of all generational influences. Relationships are the ideal. Non-discriminating and impersonal in scope, to you all are equal. You are seldom bound by tradition or personal ties and are not domestic. You hold the ideal vision up to the real. You open up in response to others and accept others as yourself. If someone shows escapist or lazy tendencies elsewhere in their chart, these traits will be increased by Neptune in Libra. >>More about Neptune in Libra.

Neptune in Scorpio

There could scarcely be more of a contrast than between your generation and the previous one. Here are the punks and the hard rockers. Many of these people have had to fight very hard for a decent lifestyle, and Neptune will not help, for when you feel defeated you will easily turn, under the planet’s influence, to drugs or other forms of escapism – not the gentle, flower-power drug scene of the 1960s, but intense, self-destructive escapism. On the other hand, if life goes well, you can be ostentatiously successful. Scorpio rules big business and good living, which many yuppies of this generation enjoyed. In a personal sense, emotional intensity is increased by Neptune from Scorpio. Unafraid of the “dark” side of life, you are interested in esoteric religion, everything mystical or occult, and so on. Sexuality and physical desires are encouraged and seen as spiritual. Money, power, and things of this world are O.K. too. The physical is ideal.

Neptune in Sagittarius

You have a strong sense of social justice and much that is idealistic, hopeful and positive is expected from you. Although you will have to be tough to cope with the demands of life in the early 21st century, you have a sympathetic side to your personality and a sense of optimism that should help you solve some of the problems of the future. You will have a strong identification with nature and animals, and may reject potentially cruel farming methods. Idealism is an innate talent, and you are in love with grand gestures and long thoughts. Religion, politics and philosophy are natural. The world traveler. You enjoy fair, just, frank, and broad-minded people. You are gregarious and sports-minded. You dare to dream big. You like new philosophies, long novels. >>More about Neptune in Sagittarius.

Neptune in Capricorn

The issues of the Earth’s resources and their conservation are likely to be the highest priority for you. You tend to be cautious but determined and should be able to control the negative elements of Neptune making you less vulnerable to escapism, whether through drugs or self-deception. You are generally interested in ecology and the problems of the planet, and you possibly have a flair for using natural materials.

Neptune in Aquarius

Although Neptune had its effect on the lives of those born before the planet was discovered, astrologers have found it difficult to evaluate the influence it can have from signs that it has not occupied within living memory, due to the lack of empirical evidence, practical experience and observation. The following paragraph regarding Neptune in Aquarius is therefore somewhat speculative. The humanitarian outlook of Aquarius should link well with the gentler traits of Neptune, though the detached, independent and loving traits of Aquarius are light-years away from the sensitive intuitive emotions of Neptune. Those with Neptune well placed in their charts should be able to get the best of the two contrasting worlds.

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