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Your Workplace Zodiac

There is a vocational typology that suggests there is a predisposition of a personality type in the world of work with the twelve astrological signs. In this day of changing technology, e-business, teleconferencing and the Internet we need an update on career choices. As the world allows for mote entrepreneurial work options, we all need fresh new insights in what is truly the Age of Aquarius and how to deal with it.

“I do not know all the influences which go from body to body. I do know that if man is not affected in some way by the planets and sun and moon, he is the only thing on earth that isn’t.” Nobel Prize winner, Robert A. Millikan.

As workers move from the Industrial Age to the Information Age we are all looking for ways to tap into the psyches of our partners, associates, bosses, clients and co-workers. Electronic communications are nearly instantaneous and cross not only many time zones but cultural boundaries. What is our common denominator? Could it be the date of our birth?

We all want to follow the best path for ourselves. In addition, we want to understand others who are involved in our work and our business undertakings. Many times we get frustrated with others in the workplace because they don’t think the way we do. These ways of thinking could be called astrological workstyles. Although different, which co-worker brings natural strengths and talents to the work arena that can better our own businesses.

Zodiac Signs Tips For Dealing With Your Associates, Bosses, Clients or Coworkers

For some quick reliable insights to your fellow workers remember:

If you are making a sales presentation to a Taurus, talk in concrete terms. He will want to use his five senses. He wants to see the product, smell, touch, and taste the product. Then he will be ready to hear what you have to say. Don’t try to sell him donuts with the lid closed.

Need someone to network, work in negotiations? Call on the Gemini. Linguistic Intelligence is their gift.

Need someone powerful to transform the world around them? Someone with vision and passion? Hire the Scorpio.

Got an appointment with Capricorn? Don’t even consider being late. Capricorn is the timekeeper of the Zodiac.

The Physical Intelligence of Aries inclines him to be the first to yell fire!, ring bells, take action. In typical Aries manner composer Johann Sebastian Bach noted that in playing the piano, “There’s nothing remarkable about it. All one has to do is hit the right keys at the right time and the instruments plays itself.”

In a way, Cancer is always the winner. In whatever work he does, Cancer appears hesitant but never him them fool you. He always has a bold finish in the world of work. The Cancer usually finds a way to nickname people who are working associates. There is something folksy about the Cancer and his rise to success.

Leo for all his positive attributes can be a leader and a ringleader. Creative, a random thinker Leo works best when he is given a chance to work with possibilities.

Working with possibilities is a trait of the Pisces also. Pisces often winds up in careers in research, or chemistry, as hospital employees, models or poets. With Pisces anything is possible.

Pisces’ opposite is Virgo and Virgo likes commitment. He networks carefully and systematically.

Libra responds best to his work environment when he is surrounded by warm tones, cozy fabrics and people who partner with him well. He is the peacemaker, the deal make and grace is his strong point in business.

If you have a project or business idea to present to Sagittarius, don’t be afraid to blurt it out. Sagittarius is never hesitant to act on impulse.

It happens in this wonderful Universe of ours that similar ideas come to several people at the same time. During Aquarian Thomas Edison’s lifetime, Alexander Graham Bell’s inventions preceded or coincided with Edison’s. In many ways Aquarians work is often in helping other people with the missing part of their discovery.

There are many theories about business aptitudes, successes and workstyles. Are you right brained, left-handed? Do you work best in complete order and structure or do you find excitement in disarray? Perhaps we need a look at ourselves and others from what the stars inclined at the day of our birth.

For while a birth chart is only a roadmap for our futures, and we can take different routes; still many destinations are compelling and predictable.


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