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Human nature gives us all a vivid interest in knowing how compatible we are with others. Whether it is a particular lover, member of the family, work colleague or friend a simple comparison between both of your zodiac signs can give you a hint as to what is in store.

Soul mate love is said to be the strongest love of all, but is there really such a person as our soul mate?

Over many lifetimes we as are growing and developing. Birth, death and rebirth, the cycle continues as we travel our evolutionary path. Along the way we encounter many souls time and time again to work and grow together.

To learn more you need to look deeper at the position of the planets and moon when both of you were born. Some planetary aspects are significant for friendship or romance. When a chart comparison is done between a man and woman the first thing an astrologer looks for is aspects between the sun in one chart and the moon in another. This usually signifies a deep and meaningful friendship. For romance the planets involved are Mars and Venus. A good aspect between these two planets usually signifies a romantic relationship which in time can lead to marriage.

Although there are other factors to consider in a chart these are the most significant. So even if your sun signs are not compatible the Sun – Moon, Venus – Mars aspects can have an over riding influence here.

The saying that, “good marriages are made in heaven”, makes sense when we look at astrology and the way it reflects our earthly needs.

The general comments  give you some indication based on both Star Signs. Look at each combination using the signs for you and your partner.

Dating Outside Your Astrological Element

Thinking about dating outside your own race or religion or maybe within your own sex? No big deal.

But think twice if you dare to stray outside your astrological element.

Or are you doing that already? Find out why it’s such a struggle and what you have to learn.

The Zodiac is divided into 4 elements:

Air (mental)
Earth (grounded)
Fire (energy)
Water (emotion)
We are most comfortable in our own element but we can get quite stagnate there as well.

We grow more outside our element but it doesn’t come without growing pains.

Find your element then read how each of the other elements will push you right out of your safety net and just maybe bring out the very best in you!

The Question is: Do You Want Comfort or Challenge in Love?


As free and flighty as the air itself, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra are quick witted and expressive though usually bouncing from one idea to another.

Down to Earth signs tax Airs need to soar. While an Air sign will be busy building a castle in the sky, Earths will be busy cleaning it or putting it on the real estate market. Count on an Earth sign to ground you and teach you responsibility.

Fire signs can truly suffocate an Air sign. Airs need that mental stimulation and Fires can’t hold still long enough to be bothered to talk about it. Airs need to discuss and contemplate while Fires need to jump right in. Count on a Fire sign to teach you not to debate and procrastinate so much but instead live for the moment.

Oh the emotions of the Waters can’t seem to fly in an Air sign. Airs will busy themselves with logical explanations for a Water’s feelings with disastrous results. Count on a Water sign to teach you to put down the research report and bask in the softer side of your feelings.


Grounded, logical, analytical, stable and reliable, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo thrive on structure and order. Earths are material girls and guys and will usually enjoy financial success in life.

Air signs can be just too unstable for Earths. Their lofty ideas annoys Earths’ sensible side and Airs’ mental gymnastics get on Earths’ practical nerves. Count on an Air sign to teach you how to knock down your sturdy walls and soar higher than you though possible.

Nothing will set an Earth sign on fire faster than a high risk taking Fire sign. No plan, no safety rope and no logical reason for such actions will have Earths dialing 911. Count on a Fire sign to unleash your uptight, proper passions, which you know you keep quite buried.

Water signs have a hard time earning Earths’ respect. All those illogical and impractical emotions just don’t compute in Earths’ realm. Count on a Water sign to teach you how to get in touch with your emotions without one logical reason why. Trust me, that’s a good thing.


Optimism, enthusiasm, risk and expansion drive Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Fires are the race car drivers and sky divers of the world. They strongly believe in themselves and their ability to do it all.

Air signs can really fan a Fire’s flame. While Fires love Airs’ free spirit, all that mental energy just ignites a bunch of hot air. Count on an Air sign to cool your hot head and teach to you think before you act.

Earth signs can bore Fires to tears. Fires are quick to dismantle Earths’ structures and replace them with spontaneous combustion, which Earths will have none of. Count on an Earth sign to teach you some much needed objectivity and tame your wild fire ways.

Water signs can be just to drippy for Fire signs as their serious, pessimistic nature attempts to put out the flame that Fires thrive on. Count on a Water sign to teach you to care for the rest of the human race and that it really isn’t all about you (surprise!)


Drowning in a sea of love, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces define emotional involvement even if it’s dormant on the surface. Intuitive, receptive, sympathetic and caring, Waters can be influenced from both inside and out.

Air signs can be too much talk about nothing for a Water sign. All that intellectualizing leaves Waters chilled to the bone. Count on an Air sign to teach you to talk things through and lighten up when you’re getting in a funk (you know you do).

Earth signs can be just too logical for moody Water signs. Earths give out tons of practical advise when Waters just want a hug. Count on an Earth sign to teach you how to take it on the chin and reach those goals that are so important to both of you.

Fire and Water just don’t mix without making a whole lot of steam. Fire burns more than it warms sensitive Waters’ feelings. Count on a Fire sign to teach you some much needed optimism and joy on the express way of life but do hang on tight.