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Aquarius Compatibility


In your work life look out for:

Pisces: you can be very intuitive partners. Both full of brilliant ideas will be able to share work hand in hand. Could you find the idea of a million dollars? Do you have enough tenacity?

In your social life look out for:

Aquarius: you are good companions, you will have a strong bond. Not much ardour in your love life unless you have a fiery Ascendant.

Aquarius Compatibility with Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Needless to say, this sign can have similarities with Fire, which can make them feel passion, can drag them into a whirl of experiences that will also fuel their egocentricity and their desire for new things.

Fire is extremely “burning”, though, and is certainly fuelled by Air which, in turn, gets bored easily too and shares the need to enter and leave things; of course, the deep difference lies in the fact that Air is rational and Fire is absolutely not and Aquarius must take this into account not to be disappointed because their partner is impulsive and driven from the inside.

So, while they can be in tune as for curiosity and the desire to do new things, they can come into conflict when it comes to plans and the way to fulfil them.

Aquarians are very refined on a mental level and this can completely humiliate the Fire signs – especially Aries and Leo – that can’t express themselves so easily and do not even remotely possess the ability to cut like a laser when they want to hurt and literally “break something off”. Fire signs are often wrong-footed in a diatribe with Air and, to defend themselves, end up using anger and aggressiveness which, needless to say, worsen the impression Air has of them.

From the point of view of integration, an Aquarius can learn a big lesson about passion, about the ability to get involved and also about genuine generosity; but they will often feel irritated by the carelessness and the impulsiveness of Fire that cannot “reason” but scents things… and then gets going.

Over time, Aquarius risks considering their partner too plain and not gratifying enough from the point of view of intellectual exchange and dialogue. Sagittarius has a greater ability in this sense, instead.

Fire risks feeling constantly criticised and judged by Aquarius who feels they are definitely superior on an intellectual level, something that is unbearable for this element which has great pride and, at this point, may start a fight to defend that feeling. In fact, Fire has some problems handling anger, which can seem absolutely unacceptable to an Aquarius. Also passion in the long term seems to become a limit and an attack to the freedom of Air and this can completely compromise the relationship.

In a certain sense, they share an emotional weakness, the difference being that Fire makes up for it with instinct, while Air with rationalisation and it is difficult to find common ground in this regard.

Aquarius Compatibility with Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Aquarius can find stability and balance close to Earth signs; they tend to be less superficial thanks to the pragmatic qualities of Earth which leads them slowly to take into account qualities such as caution and perseverance.

It is certainly positive for the Earth signs too, which can become more easygoing, manage to relax a little more, be more flexible and adaptable and learn to taste the pleasure of improvisation and of the new.

Yet, it is necessary to remember that they have an extremely different way of perceiving time: Aquarius is very quick on an intellectual level and their perception is equally fast, they are impatient and easily get bored: it is a sign that gets annoyed if the others are slow and especially if they do not immediately understand.

The Earth signs can be slow and dull and they certainly do not have the improvisation skills of their partners. Of course, Virgo is a mercurial sign and so some common ground can be found due to the similarities between Uranus and Mercury, but they will have to do without the practical perfectionism that Aquarians have at most on an idealistic and intellectual level.

Capricorn too can share the irony and reconcile planning and fulfilment with Aquarius; it is necessary to remember the need for seriousness and essentiality of the Earth sign that certainly clashes with the unfruitfulness of the abstractionism of Air.

With Taurus, I would say that there is even more resistance due to their extreme slowness and poor curiosity, two qualities that an Aquarius can hardly tolerate.

The dark side of Aquarius on Earth can be related to structure: they feel attracted to the great abilities to fulfil what they have conceived and also the certainties that they can conquer and that Air too should find inside itself; but if this does not happen, Aquarius will tend to see something boring and constrictive in the Earth sign, and will end up projecting limits, blocks and control onto it; they will accuse Earth of being oppressive and of forcing them to shirk commitments and responsibilities. In turn, the Earth signs, which tend to take everything upon their shoulders, including what does not concern them, will feel they have been given a heavy role to compensate for the unreliability and the excessive eclecticism of their partner.

The union will be important, instead, if Aquarius learns from Earth to take on what they choose, and to respect the rules; they must also avoid withdrawing into the ivory tower of their mind, something that makes Earth really angry, since it does not possess the same abilities to “roam free among thousands of opportunities”, even though its intelligence should not be underestimated. In fact, Earth can help Air become more constant and ethical.

Aquarius Compatibility with Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Air and Air is a combination that, considering the similar energies, has positive and negative aspects.

Air is mental and intellectual, just like the other signs, yet this similarity risks making them both even more detached and trusting exclusively the mind and the ideas, rejecting other channels of perception such as the instinctive and emotional ones; they are also excessively tuned to the ideal and the abstract (especially with Libras and with Aquarians themselves); with Gemini there might be a fight between the ideal and the real as well as on the level of ethics and the sense of justice. They are undeniably social signs, even though this aspect is more emphasized in Libra than in Gemini.

With Libras, Aquarius can cultivate and increase their aesthetic and artistic sense and become more refined and sophisticated (it is not a coincidence that, according to the myth, Uranus is Aphrodite’s father); besides, Libras can devote even more attention to their search for perfection, because they will be helped by the perception skills of Aquarius that can infallibly catch anything surrounding them.

Aquarius can teach Geminis to be more tolerant, by uprooting them from the little world of the reality in which they live; they can seduce them and make them face the great human issues, putting them into contact with people who have a nobler and higher purpose and, in turn, Gemini can help Aquarius to keep more in touch with what surrounds them and with reality.

As for the hard aspects, let’s remember that superficiality, detachment, mental escape and emotional block can cause the incapacity to empathize and get emotionally involved with the other; if we also add excessive idealism and detachment from reality, and a certain coldness, we can imagine that, in certain moments, an icy atmosphere may fall in this relationship, which is only interrupted by blows of sharp scalpels expressed by “words” that are not weighed up enough or, alternatively, an escape.

The Air signs, when they are not mediated by another element, can give an excessive importance to the mind and push their instinctive side and the intimacy, which is handled with some difficulty, into the background, channelling all their energies into the mind where they certainly find channels of comfort by eliminating that world they are so afraid of, because it is also the only thing that can corner them.

Lastly, they can confuse freedom with fear of commitment; independence with detachment and indifference with respect for other people’s spaces.

Aquarius Compatibility with Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Water and Air are opposite and, therefore, it is very difficult to combine them and make the relationship work: they must find an agreement to prevent the waves from getting too strong and creating a typhoon, or to prevent a dead calm that makes sailing impossible.

When they meet, they are certainly attracted to each other but they do not love each other since they instinctively feel their “diversity”, but they also feel the difficulty; they are two antithetic elements and, as Jung would say, they represent two opposite functions: thought and feeling, which tend to be mutually exclusive in nature.

Air needs to pass everything through the filter of thought and of the mind, and so it detaches itself, analyses and then later searches for points of contact. This process is absolutely impossible for Water, because it starts from what has an impact on its ethereal body, makes it vibrate and leads it to “feel”; it will be very difficult to explain to Air why Water takes a stand rather than another, because all that is not based on a mental process, but it starts from a kind of… subliminal message that comes and invades all its energy field, and makes it react.

Just because of these characteristics, Water undoubtedly ends up strongly attracting Aquarius, even though the latter knows that it will have to deal with the element that will most cause them trouble, because of the huge porosity that will make Water hypersensitive and touchy, which, inevitably, will clash with their objectivity and rationality.

Water, with its fragility and anxiety, if it can’t receive and exchange the subliminal messages with the other through its imperceptible channels, gets nervous, irritable and touchy, all things that Air can’t really put up with; besides, for Air any exchange must pass through its favourite instrument, that is words, since it can’t feel certain vibrations; in this way, though, two communication channels may not get in contact.

Air “thinks” and Water “feels” and according to that, despite a great attraction, great tension will also arise, which will cause disagreements especially when the lack of communication ends up raising defences and causing hostility aimed at denying and ignoring the perception system of the other.

The Aquarian Air needs intellectual stimuli, changes and to invent its future instant by instant, while Water needs to feel a reassuring and enveloping emotional climate around it; it is attached to the past and, therefore, needs a long time to adapt to changes.

They can undoubtedly help each other, since Air has a great need to cultivate relationships and take care of its feelings and, in this case, it can consider the relationship with Water signs a real training course… with, in addition, the “workshop”; in turn, Aquarius will force Water to better define and demarcate its limits and to see things more objectively, getting also rid of its tendency towards excessive subjectivity and indiscriminate involvement.

There is no doubt that if the two people manage to get through so many hard moments, they will learn to live and become more complete and conscious; the relationship won’t be easy, of course, and will demand efforts and hard work, as well as much mutual acceptance.

Both partners should avoid making the other feel inadequate in his/her diversity; Air will have to stop considering Water primitive and awkward on an empathy level and Water will have to avoid considering Air cold and detached because it is very rational.

The contacts with Cancer and Scorpio are the most difficult, since Aquarius hates any dependence and any involvement and manipulation; it can find common ground with Pisces, considering the “social” nature that they have in common.

The dark side of Air is focused on emotional difficulties, therefore, in bad times, it will find it easy to accuse its “Aquatic” partners of being irrational, not well-defined, confused and detached from reality.

It will be advisable instead to combine these two elements that can make the two people genuine and able to adapt to the continuous changes that life requires, also learning to give something of themselves to the others.

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