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Aries Compatibility


In your love life look out for:

  • Cancer: will give you a lot of passion and both Aries and Cancer will satisfy each others need for security and tenderness. In time Cancer can be Aries ultimate lover. Cancer will have more understanding of Aries than vice versa.
  • Aries: You satisfy each other well both in love and with an hot impulsive and stimulating sex life. You will also get on well as business partners? Do you have any ideas?
  • Gemini: will make good friends and lovers. You are a lively, outgoing pair and are both innovative and curious, but can you trust her/him as a work colleague?
  • Leo: You are a warm pair that should create a loyal partnership. Aries wants to be in the head-quarters and Leo wants to take centre stage in everything.

In your work life look out for:

  • Capricorn: What a good business partner. The first takes risk, the second restrains giving a natural balance to one another. Capricorn is more responsible but you are both ambitious. Check each other’s Ascendant and Saturn position before starting a partnership to make sure that you won’t have problems.
  • Aquarius: You are independent people, at ease with each other. You can be good partners or team members in projects or activities.
  • Libra: You are at opposition to one another, but both optimistic. Libra can help Aries succeed by teaching the virtue of diplomacy.
  • Taurus: Aries has lot of plans and big ideas and can become impatient with Taurus who prefers certainties and can often lose interest in things. Check each other’s Ascendant before starting a partnership.
  • Virgo: is a colleague, who is likely to get on your nerves. You have different views and a certain lack of understanding. Virgo’s precise approach to life can make Aries nervous.
  • Pisces: Aries tries to rule, Pisces tries to avoid having to make the decisions. The first tries to rationalize the dreams and creativity of the second. Look at the Ascendant of Pisces or if you both have Saturn in good position you may be able to make a fortune together?

In your social life look out for:

  • Aquarius: is a best mate. You really understand each other and enjoy similar activities.
  • Sagittarius: is all the time available when you are in need, and listens to your problems. You have to be careful because a Sagittarius with the wrong Ascendant can be gossipy and betray your confidence. If you become lovers can you trust her/his fidelity?
  • Scorpio: both of you are mighty but share different views. Scorpio’s intensity and depth of emotion clashes with Aries dreaming spirit.

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