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Cancer Compatibility

What Signs Are Compatible with Cancer

Cancer Compatibility with Aries

cancer ariesAries is mostly forced by Cancer to face the consequences of actions, particularly those that threaten to relate to security and hurt feelings. However, introspection will cramp Aries style. Because Aries, in all cases, want perfect freedom to act as they please and hardly have any sympathy for Cancers self pity or self protectiveness. Although Cancer admires Aries courage, the interaction will have to confront the conflict between the Aries out-directed desire to have his own way and Cancers inward turning drive to create safety and security.

Cancer Compatibility with Taurus

cancer taurusCancer and Taurus meet in strange places to form one of the best combinations of the zodiac. Taurus finds a loving partner in Cancer, which in turn looks for a protective cover from his/her partner. A possessive Taurus provides the much needed protection and financial stability to the Cancer. The matters get worse only when Taurus stubbornness becomes intolerable for a highly accommodating Cancer. Both partners can endure this troubled phase of life by defining and pursuing common goals.

Cancer Compatibility with Gemini

cancer geminiCancer-Gemini makes a highly sociable pair with a never-ending desire to show off in public. This uniformity of interests makes them indispensable for each other. Gemini’s charm provides emotional relief to Cancer, who is dying for a trust worthy partner. However there are certain limitations and Gemini cannot feed intimacy to Cancer for quite long. A possessive Cancer versus a hyper active Gemini calls for skillful handling of the situation.

Cancer Compatibility with Cancer

cancer cancerBoth of you form an ideal relationship as you are caring and loving. Your prime and foremost objective is to provide care and special treatment to each other. You are highly possessive of each other and cannot tolerate anybody else to tread on your “forbidden territory”. Your home is not less than a heaven for you shower loads of love and care on your family members. However, your extreme sensitivity makes you highly vulnerable. You start taking minutest things so seriously that your personal life starts suffering and your health deteriorates. If, by chance, both of you are simultaneously hit by dark moods, your relationship becomes miserable.

Cancer Compatibility with Leo

cancer leoThe two neighbouring stars of the zodiac enter into a cordial relationship as each of them provides what the other demands. Cancer proves to be the best partner for Leo as it provides the special treatment, which Leo craves for. Cancer also adopts certain Leo characteristics and they both compliment each other. This relationship faces rift when Leo comes down hard on Cancer and attacks its sensitivity.

Cancer Compatibility with Virgo

cancer virgoThe two vulnerable and sensitive signs provide protection to each other and develop a sustainable relationship. A highly unpredictable and moody Cancer needs someone to take control of him/her. A Virgo can best provide the care and direction needed by Cancer the most. A highly effective communication between the two is the most remarkable feature of the relationship. However, Cancer’s extreme self-protection arouses Virgo’s suspicion, which can aggravate the situation to an alarming level.

Cancer Compatibility with Libra

cancer libraCancer is in all cases most satisfied by symbiotic, intimate and emotionally dependant relationships. So, when you meet someone who is very independent, you feel very hurt and dejected and throw up a defensive shell or get moody and depressed. Unfortunately, you risk this happening with Libra, a romantic but rather emotionally cool sign. Many a times, in contrast, Libras want an equal partner who tends to judge their partner on a detached idealistic level. They gauge their partners by their looks, style, ideas and conversation. Libra recognizes that the best partnerships are between equals, but their issues seldom remain as to what they have to share. Libra might not be able to escape emotions through social activities or intellectual analysis.

Cancer Compatibility with Scorpio

cancer scorpioCancer benefits a lot from the intensity of Scorpio’s character. The sense of security and protection, provided by Scorpio, encourages Cancer to accept the toughest challenges of life. Strong emotions from both sides are a great bond, which can survive heavy storms. On a few occasions, Scorpio’s fiery response to Cancer’s simple queries can depress the latter to a great extent. Cancer tries to sustain the relationship but Scorpio can hardly be convinced once he/she has made a decision. An enduring Cancer can carry the otherwise volatile relationship a long way.

Cancer Compatibility with Sagittarius

cancer sagittariusFearful and frugal Cancer must take risks to make a relationship work with Sagittarius, who loves to gamble, has faith in the universe. As Sagittarius is everyones buddy, Cancer must give up his possession with this sign, which actually wants to enjoy the freedom.

Cancer Compatibility with Capricorn

cancer capricornCancer and Capricorn can easily enter into an enviable relationship. Marital bond between the two is recommended as both the stars get closer and closer with the passage of time. Capricorn can easily be wooed by a Cancer who has the irresistible knack of winning hearts. However this easy-going couple finds it hard to cope with the stark realities of life. A highly self centered approach can make them look in opposite directions for comfort.

Cancer Compatibility with Aquarius

cancer aquariusA change in attitude towards Aquarius is what is required from this star. Skillful handling between these two stars can ensure a smooth relationship and secure life. However, it is better for a Cancer to develop a compromising mannerism if he/she has to live with Aquarius.

Cancer Compatibility with Pisces

cancer piscesBoth these stars give importance to the emotional and spiritual aspects of life. They can go to any extent to save a romantic relationship. A meaningful relationship flourishes, as both of them become a permanent and indispensable source of inspiration for each other. Although the relationship seems ideal, it can sometimes become impossible for both Cancer and Pisces to tolerate each other’s remarks about their personalities. It’s better to avoid any argument as both of them are easily turned off by direct talk.

In your love life look out for:

Pisces: is your partner for life. Together you will have one heart, one soul. You could have a deep intense sensual relation with plenty of fulfilment.

Virgo: You both have a serious approach to life. You believe in a lasting relation and will be devoted to your partner.

Scorpio: You will be loyal one to the other and have an intense sensual relationship. You will both be able to open each others heart. Will you be good partners at work or hate each other? Look at your Ascendant.

In your work life look out for:

Capricorn: a good business partner. You can work happily together for years. Both have strong work values. Check his Ascendant and Saturn before starting a partnership.

Sagittarius: You are an odd pair, one searches for work stability the other less conservative looks to be innovative, searching for changes. Look at the Ascendant and than judge.

Cancer: You will both be good at warring together over working problems. You need a stronger partner.

In your social life look out for:

Leo: will love your friendship with all the attention you can give a Leo but the Cancer will not feel repaid.

Libra: what a good friendship and understanding. Possibly you can be great partner at work. Friends will give a lot of attention to Libra, and mild jealousy can come between you.

Aquarius: Cancer is too moody for Aquarius’ temper. Aquarius likes his freedom and interests often isolating Cancer.

Cancer compatibility with fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Water and Fire seem as compatible as the Devil and Holy water; in fact they are two elements that have few affinities and that, as a result, must find a way to relate each other without trying to prevaricate or to oppose one another.

Their energies are “different” and they bring with them great potential if they come quite integrated while they create difficulty in the stabilisation of emotions if they are in conflict. Among other things, they are also two elements that find difficult to be detached … and therefore, at times their union can be explosive or almost depressing, when Water manages with his fears and resistance to extinguish the ardour of the Fire.

Undoubtedly Fire can bring great dynamism in the passive and fatalist life of Cancer, pushing it a little towards the outside to find more direction and courage in facing things that instead people of the sign always aim to postpone, as if in the meantime, things will fall into place, this dynamic is very much tied to the potential of Water that in its letting things go, is also convinced that everything soon or later will find a solution … that’s why he does not intervene and prefers to wait.

All of this is unimaginable for the super active Fire who believes that it is through his will that he can makes “things happen”, and that he therefore feels like dying when he bogs down in the fogs of Cancer.

Without doubt Fire can easily clash into the susceptibility of Water, giving rise to incomprehension and difficult closures to be suffered by those who instead would always want everything to be faced immediately and then forgotten.

There is a profound difference in the times and in the reactions: when it does not feel good Water becomes isolated and closed-in and tends to play on the senses of guilt of others, and it will take a long time before he can “dissolve” the clouds; Fire struggles to keep everything inside until he explodes to relieve the tension, making Cancer even more conceited: these dynamics should be used by both to learn about their potential and behaviour that are completely extraneous to their personal way of being.

Fire can learn to become less swift and impetuous in his reactions if he learnt to control personal emotionality and impulsiveness, that when things get overheated, ends up also “boiling” the water of the companion;

Water instead can learn from Fire to become more direct and able to communicate what hurts him, avoiding to bring with him emotional baggage that make him changeable and unstable.

What both have is the incapacity to detach themselves that can thus exasperate certain hostile behaviours towards one another, which in these cases is seen as the activator of personal anger or personal suffering.

If the two elements are well blended can be very creative and give life to powerful forces able to release their imagination, sensitiveness and empathy; if they hinder each other they can give life to an unclear relationship, with dense clouds in which the “unsaid” of Water makes Fire even more intransigent;

Water, in fact, is capable of plotting in the darkness and accumulating resentment rather than fighting for the things that it really wants, and Fire can become vehement and aggressive in an attempt to force the other to “react”; this is particularly the case if values of Aries and Leo are present that are too challenging for the timorous and fearful Cancer, who, full of withheld anger, defends himself behind a stubborn silence.

Cancer compatibility with air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The combination of Cancer and the Air signs is complex because it creates great problems in regard to different ways of “gaining experience”; Cancer does experience through “feelings that come from inside” while Air experiences through rational assessment that comes from the confrontation with the outside; often these two different modes seem to become congested especially when there is a lot of tension and the two partners risk not being understood and feel violently attacked for the different way of being and of experiencing things.

Another great diversity is the quality of sensitiveness that is strong and profound in Cancer and little developed in Air, who instead relies on logic that always contrasts with the apparently confused perceptions that are not at all detached and rational for Water.

It is clear that a union between these two people needs will and hard work because Air needs comparison, dialogue, exchange with others and needs a social life and everything which turns out to be distasteful for the shy Cancer, who is reserved and who, in the case, must learn to open-up and enjoy the exchange and the enrichment that results from contact with the outside world.

Air is perceived by Water as being too cold and detached and this favours a sensation of isolation and non-feeling, being like a blow with a hatchet; often Water feels itself “less brilliant” on a spoken level because Air tends to overwhelm it with his charcaterisitcs and therefore, Water in contact with Air must not talk too much, learn to listen and not count on the fact that the things are “perceived” through atmosphere without ever stating this directly.

Water must learn to inform his partner about his complex dynamics and his mood changes to which the other feels extraneous; Air instead must learn to contact his inner world and, encouraged by the sensitiveness of the Water, not underestimate it, thinking that it should be easier to live in the world of ideas, less chaotic than that of instinct and of the emotions that lacks of the organisation that Air intends to give to his mind.

To manage to support each other means being able to integrate two different ways of perceiving things; Air can learn to personalise his limpid and crystalline thoughts and can try the sensation of involvement; in turn the Water can acquire a greater lightness through his partner, can begin to enjoy himself without always interpreting each thing as a personal matter, and can then learn the art of detachment that will let him see things with greater refinement from a wider and more objective point of view.

The darkness in these two partners can take shape in the dynamics of irrationality of Air of which is afraid in the most absolute way; in fact, this element uses control to hold at bay anything can reach its intimate world where it is perceived as being chaotic and unreliable. Air will tend to balance his mind, accusing the partner of upsetting his balance with what he considers evanescent irrationalities; he will often see his partner as a visionary that is chaotic and unbalanced which tends to make him “lose his head” …

On his part Water is afraid more than any another thing of a lack of emotional contact, and therefore, will always tend to accuse an Air partner of being too cold and removed to the point of seeming mentally cruel, unable to be supportive and to enter into a real sense of intimacy.

They will have to work consciously on these issues to integrate their specific diversities.

Cancer compatibility with earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Cancer and Earth signs agree absolutely in looking for stability and security, but they can also end up “holding back” too much, and therefore they can give life to a couple that has few interests on the outside and that loves to be closed-in within its territory without needing those gratifying exchanges that come from the outside and that can relieve life together.

Among other things security and possessiveness can become dominant themes that lead to a selfish attitude that seems to satisfy both but that, generally, instead cause grounds for dissatisfaction.

Without doubt for some things they are extremely complementary: both love to hedonistically enjoy a series of assurances that come from a certain type of well-being, that is material and emotional; both love quiet and stability and things that last over time and both are a little subject to unrestrained activism, yet, in other things they are not so compatible and simple in their interaction: Earth has a great need to be efficient and wants to see the practical inplications in everything he does and this for Cancer might not be of interest at all.

Cancer is perhaps the laziest sign of all and therefore might take advantage of abilities of “doing” of Earth that can feel seduced by the not always disinterested welcome of Cancer and to thus fall then into the trap of “feeling responsible for everything”, including things that concern the other person.

Among other things, Earth is warm and reassuring inside and tends to stabilise relationships; nevertheless he is not sensitive in an emotional sense and therefore, often, Water plays on his scarce ability to empathize, by activating his senses of guilt and excessive sense of duty.

If they manage to integrate and be amalgamated they can give life to a good relationship because they are able to give reciprocal support. If instead this settlement is missing, then Cancer can feel Earth to be too cold and materialistic but also too little concerned in the inner life and that of romantic love, and from his part, Earth will reproach Cancer for being inefficient and selfish and not doing anything to alleviate the duties and the efforts of his partner and to be always swayed by the decisions and initiatives of the other.

Undoubtedly, the fantastic abilities of Water, his porosity and sensitiveness, can give Earth those qualities that he often does not manage to clearly perceive inside.

Cancer compatibility with water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

For some it can be a great, beautiful combination able to satisfy the most profound needs of Cancer that, fundamentally, only another Water sign can really understand because it “feels” in the same way.

The relationship between Water signs will be driven by deep emotions and strong undercurrents that, while may satisfy certain specific needs of Water, but do not encourage this sign to work on some qualities that do not belong to him and that should be developed in virtue of the need of completeness that each individual psyche tends to achieve.

Water has the prerogative of “relying” completely in his way of feeling and in vibrations that reach him as a personal, empathic contact; he is always full of “impressions” that for him are valid more than any other type of perception.

Feeling is certainly a great quality but, as always, it has its limits that highlight scarce objectiveness – which is never recognised – that derives from a real difficulty in becoming detached from situations and analysing them in an objective way, the only condition that makes him able “to get inside things” without getting involved.

The Water signs are naturally “subjective” even if they have the presumptuousness of fully understanding the feelings and thoughts of others, forgetting that what they “feel” may be perfect but may instead be distorted by the filter of their unconscious and moods of the moment. For Water states of mind are very fluctuating.

The incapacity to “look outside” is tied to a “difficulty to think about things” – which is a typical ability of Air, better explained by Jung as “functional thought” – that is opposite to the characteristics of Water that represents the opposite “functional sentiment”.

Among other things, the sign of Cancer is the first of the Water signs and is absolutely more wrapped in a personal emotional world and therefore often goes into a panic when he has to distinguish his feelings from those of others, that’s why the emotions of others are often mistaken for the feelings coming from his inner world, interpreting them in a very particular way.

Of course, a relationship between partners of Water signs may be excellent from the point of view of empathy, sensitiveness and the ability “to perceive the other person in advance”: that “intuit” for which only Water seems to have ownership; it will nevertheless be a very exclusive relationship tending almost always at closure and withdrawal in a world made for just two people, not prone to external and social activities.

The good thing is that the relationship will be very much focused in supporting and discovering the intense and deep dynamics that the relational world activates in each of the two partners, all aimed at the resolution of the excesses of dependence and of symbiotic fantasies;

In its dark side this relationship may be excessively enclosed characterised by a great enmeshment and by the impossibility for partners to feel free to live their individuality; it is a relationship that may be contaminated also by very negative feelings that will nevertheless be very difficult to clarify and elaborate because putting things into words and rationalising them are difficult processes for Water.

Lastly, Water can manage to completely block drives towards separation and individualization, closing the path to a really independent life to both partners, the only thing that can lead to an healthy and mature relationship. At times for fear of “losing” Water ends up by hurting oneself getting involved in difficult extramarital affairs.

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