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Capricorn Compatibility


In your love life look out for:

Capricorn: You are a cheering, supporting each other couple and are likely to have a very fulfilling sex life.

Pisces: You can have a good mix of stability and creativity. Pisces feels secure and Capricorn feels to be understood and loved. Probably excellent partners at work.

In your social life look out for:

Aquarius: you are a strange pair, Capricorn will try to decide what to do most of the time but you will find most of her/his ideas interesting.

Capricorn Compatibility with fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

These relationships are difficult, but can become very constructive for both: in fact, these two elements are very different and the Capricorn finds it hard to handle the fast and often inconclusive pace of Fire: they need organisation and also planning: they must stabilise energy to be able to work at it.

It is difficult for a native to be able to open up to something extremely amusing and special if they are taken by surprise and cannot get ready; this is a difficult aspect between Earth and Fire, which lives on improvisations, of things that are very fast or immediate and that are the result of what comes instinctively and immediately; therefore, Fire seems to avoid structured things that seem boring and static, without even seeing them.

A Fire/Capricorn couple should try to integrate what is inside the other, which, however, is very distant. Fire can learn to build things if it observes a Capricorn who has a hyper-organised mind, able to do several things at the same time but all with an exact direction; Fire can learn the rudiments of methods and discipline, can manage to stop and to think of the things that it really wants; it can easily contain energy, without wasting it, and make it focused and constructive.

Capricorns can learn that they also have the ability to face sudden things which, on the contrary, can be fantastic because they allow them to understand new internal resources. Capricorn can learn from Fire to have greater confidence in others and in itself and also a certain ability to count more on its inner resources, maybe those it has not seen and explored completely yet.

Together they can be a fantastic couple, able to achieve very important goals counting on the organisation of one of them and the improvisation of the other, on trust and the ability to take life as it comes.

They do not have to become obsessed with reciprocal defects; if this happens it means there is no understanding but a useless attempt to oppose to what cannot be faced inside.

Capricorn will also be able to learn to bring their inner fire outside, which is often kept inside like an “apparently extinguished small volcano”; Fire can learn to make it fertile, without making it explode and wasting it in useless battles or in futile initiatives that do not bear fruit.

Capricorn and Aries can collide because of the stubbornness of both, even though Capricorn suffers the discontinuity and impulsiveness of Aries and, above all, suffers badly used aggressiveness.

With Leo there can be a strong power struggle. Capricorn does not, of course, like to feel subdued, and Leo often tends to treat the other people as if they were subjects: if so, the fight would become hard and absolutely unequal for Leo.

Sagittarius will have to learn to moderate the amount of words they always have to say, also because the more they will say, the fewer Capricorn will say!

Capricorn Compatibility with earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

There is no doubt that there are many affinities, but they may lead the two subjects to exchange nothing but what concerns daily and practical life; the relationship will undoubtedly be very stable and give certainties since everything will be founded on pragmatism and planning, but even though you don’t run any risk, this may not be the only important thing for a couple and it may not necessarily rest on something like that; after some time it may share no more interests, perhaps with the only real interest focused outside on work and personal fulfilment.

If on one a couple must have common plans and must try to fulfil them, it is true however they must devote a lot of time to their well-being, spend time together and nurture some of their dreams, otherwise life will become a little prison.

Earth is undoubtedly made to build something tangible, and it certainly needs to be able to test its potential through self-fulfilment, but therefore it must learn to risk more, not only by making “cautious” investments, but also trying to carry out something fantastic and not only advantageous.

In short, structure and security are fine, but if these two elements mix together it will be necessary to make changes in such a way to learn to venture into life and into feelings more than into material things.

Earth is very interested in materiality: unlike what many people think, this element has a lot of warmth inside and needs a good relationship with the body, with direct contact and hugs which can make the relationship confident and harmonious.

Outwardly, the two will be very cautious and discreet: of course none of them like mawkishness, yet, their relationships will be strong even though not so romantic.

In a relationship between two Capricorns or between a Capricorn and a Virgo, it is necessary to let go of “control”; at times it can be exaggerated and damage a good inner pace within the couple. The two will be perfectly in tune in terms of organisation, reliability and precision, which is common to both, and therefore they will have to reach a real agreement also on an emotional level.

They should keep away from perfectionism and preciseness, which are enemies for a healthy relationship, because they hinder the instinctiveness.

Taurus is more passionate, but also more possessive, and this can disturb the independent side of a Capricorn native.

Capricorn Compatibility with air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The combination between signs that have different energy and very different goals is certainly not so simple; in a relationship, it will be therefore necessary to find, with some difficulty, some common ground that can satisfy both. There is, however, some common ground in terms of rationality and logic, which are important for both, above all with Aquarius, with which Capricorn even shares two rulers.

What can mainly create problems is the excessive tendency for changes of Air, which often seems to have more to do with discontinuity, the need to stop with the project that really annoys the natives, who have the exact task of “putting their ideas into shape” and thus seeing that they work and have a precise function.

Air also has a problem with reality, which is experienced almost always like imprisonment; Capricorn often can’t put up with the intemperance of Air when it must be inside things, and feels them to be a lack of commitment and a sense of unreliability.

What is important in the relationship between them is the fact that Capricorn can stabilise Air and can also give a sense to the whirling of changes which is often decided more because of boredom than substance, while Air can make the rocky earth sign lighter and flexible.

Finally, Air has a great need to communicate and it is often redundant: Capricorn is almost always essential and does not like playing with words, above all when they are used to justify unacceptable behaviours.

They find the biggest difficulties with Gemini on this level: generally, Mercurials are very chatty and also quite superficial, which creates some problems to a sign that is far too committed, instead; however they have their sense of humour in common, which is more satiric in the Mercurials and more sarcastic – since is based on essential realism – in Capricorns: these signs are both self-deprecating and can both see the funny side of things.

With Libras it can share rigour and above all a sense of “form”; of course, Capricorn is very far from the aesthetic standards of the Venusians, but it strongly shares their sense of justice and loves their good taste.

Capricorns can have much common ground with Aquarius and, if they manage to understand each other, they can be definitely complementary: Aquarius needs to learn to be inside the things that it chooses without feeling oppressed; Capricorn needs to learn to change route when the time is right, without dragging on chronic situations that can’t give them anything positive any more. In fact, Aquarius natives can learn to openly defend their “no” without resorting to camouflaged escapes, and Capricorn natives can become able to mediate and to accept the changeability of things.

Capricorn Compatibility with water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Capricorn natives and water signs are complementary: the two elements are always opposed in the Zodiac Wheel, just because they can nurture and complete each other since they need each other and share the same energy direction.

There are undoubtedly some differences, which however can be overcome easily with some training and patience; otherwise, the relationship won’t last and one will accuse the other of what they originally found so attractive.

Capricorns are inevitably seduced by water signs: they see softness and sweetness in them, something that seems like a desired continent that has never been really found; they feel their sensitivity, imagination, empathy… all things that Capricorns perceive as “mirages”; they feel good with their opposite signs, which envelop and support them as nobody else can do. Yet, there are some difficulties: they can’t really understand their sudden mood swings, their continuous breakdowns and can’t put up with their natural tendency for the personal interpretation of things, which often sounds like an alibi to defend something that is only in their mind.

Of course, Water can easily overwhelm Capricorns; it seduces them with its strange emotions that creep deeply inside them; Cancer literally envelops them and lets them feel the depth and softness of the uterus; Pisces can drag them into smoky situations that seem to carry them out of their way and their road: Scorpios can also entangle them both physically and psychologically, and carry out seduction strategies they can hardly resist; what is sure is that Capricorn natives love to indulge sometimes in something that is like a “distant memory” for them, but if they feel there is difficulty they withdraw into themselves and begin to “control”.

But there are undoubtedly some difficulties, and they are connected to the unclarity of Water and to the lack of objectivity to which Capricorn often reacts with hostility and coldness; Water often develops its alibis inside and then makes them up as if they were real, something that Capricorn finds it very hard to do, and, to defend themselves, they end up coming to a standstill and don’t even find answers that they already know they won’t find and that, anyway, won’t be true for them.

Water easily changes mood, because it can’t handle its limits well, so, when it has personal problems, it withdraws its energy and confuse anyone around: Capricorn can’t really understand that, since they can’t handle their emotional side so well.

Collaboration is good between the two if they overcome certain complex aspects; Water can bring Capricorn back into a dimension where they generally move with uncertainty and this, in turn, can give Water a healthy control that can help it find its centre and create strong borders without overflowing too much on the outside.

Together they can nurture each other and give each other a stable form at the same time.

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