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Gemini Compatibility


In your love life look out for:

Leo: You are blessed with the possibility of having one of the best partnerships possible. Both share optimism, confidence and appreciate each other in love with a fulfilling sex life

Libra: You will have a perfect relationship Gemini will be fascinated by the refined Libra. Can you trust a Libra with a Moon in Gemini or Sagittarius?

Cancer: Together you will be expressing your young and playful sides but Cancer will want more commitment and stability. If Gemini has a more stable influence given by the Ascendant or Moon it could be a wonderful relation.

Scorpio: You will have a relationship with equal measures of both love and hate. Both have a cunning sense of humour, but Scorpio’s intense sensitivity clashes with Gemini.

In your work life look out for:

Capricorn: a good business partner. Capricorn is very responsible and patient and you are more creative and social. You respect each others abilities. Pay attention to check Ascendant and Moon before starting a partnership.

Virgo: You will enjoy a working relationship, often Gemini being easy going can be irritated by Virgo’s methodical attitude and tidiness and vice versa.

Sagittarius: You are opposite but have similarities both enjoying the same projects and social life. You can be good colleagues, but can you open a business together? Can you trust that one or the other is not stealing your clients?

Taurus: Gemini needs variety having a desire to explore and meet people, Taurus loves home life and like stability. But there is a potential betrayal, depending on other planet influences.

In your social life look out for:

Aquarius: You have good understanding. Both can commit to this friendship which allows you to grow your individualities.

Pisces: Yours will be a friendship full of fun moments with some worrying misunderstandings. Is the Gemini coming between you and your partner? Can you fall in love with each other?

Gemini compatibility with fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Needless to say this sign can very much be galvanised when it encounters Fire: it feels excited, involvement increases and he will be able to count on the movement he needs. Fire nevertheless is extremely “hot” and it will be able to excite the sensitive nervous system of the Gemini that, if on the one hand needs excitement and novelty, on the other has an incredibly strong need for rationality and reference points, a thing Fire is almost completely deprived of.

Thus, while they are able to be on the same level as far as restlessness is concerned and the wish to do new things, it is therefore necessary to see how they manage the dynamics of being the protagonist that are common to both. Fire and Gemini want to be at the centre of attention and can “steal the scene from temselves” with the difficulties that they can imagine.

Geminis are refined storytellers and this can completely rout the signs of Fire – especially Aries and Leo – who do not have the same easy expression and not even the cutting humour of the Gemini, and therefore they will use anger and impulses to hold them at bay.

From the point of view of integration, Gemini can learn important lessons about passion, ability of being involved but also generosity; however, they will often feel swept away by the impetuosity of Fire that cannot be removed even when it is a thousand kilometres away.

Over time, Gemini risks thinking that Fire companions are not bright enough, treating them badly, deriding their excessive energy and their scarce ability with dialogue and following logical thought patterns.

From their part, Fire signs feel constantly discriminated and analysed by Gemini who is considered to be superior at an intellective level; this goes powerfully clashes with their pride, which may also degenerate into constant issues about principals and prestige. Among other things Fire has his own problems with anger and aggressiveness, which is abhored in Gemini because he considers them to be “uncivilized”.

Gemini can project his own narcissism and emotional and instinctive incapacity on Fire companions, ending up by seeing them as hypercritical and ungenerous in their impulsiveness and reactivity, always accusing them of wanting to be at the centre of attention and of not being able to use control and strategy instead of undifferentiated action.

Gemini compatibility with earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Gemini can find a lot of stability and balance close to Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn); among other things certain superficiality tends to be modified by Fire characteristics of assessment and the way the element behaves. This obliges them to take into consideration characteristics such as cautioun and perseverance.

Also, without doubt Earth may become more easygoing, managing to smile a little more and take life as it comes rather than always planning everything and not leaving space for improvisation.

However, it is necessary to take the extreme rhythm diversity into account: Gemini is the fastest physically and intellectually and they are impatient and easily get bored; Earth can be slow and monotonic and certainly do not have the verve of their companions.

Of course, Virgo is a mercurial sign and therefore the two might find points in common, but it must nevertheless eliminate its perfectionism because this would annoy the easygoing Gemini too much.

Also, Capricorn can still find certain affinities in irony …, it is necessary to bear in mind the need for seriousness and sobriety of theeEarth sign that clashes with the exuberance and playful nature of Gemini.

With Taurus I would say that there is even more resistance due to the extreme slowness of the former who feel they are put under pressure by the insolence and intolerance of Gemini.

The shadow of Gemini on Earth can be tied to structure: they feel attracted by the strong capability to get things done and also the need of certainty that Earth possesses; in fact this is a characteristic that the Gemini should find inside; however, if it does not do it, it will tend to see Earth as blocking them when difficulties arise and will project a feeling of imprisonment.

Gemini will accuse Earth partners of being overbearing and of forcing them to be defensive, avoiding too many commitments and responsibility. From his part Earth tends to take total responsibility, even things that are not down to him, and if they do abandon the relationship, it will end up asthe Gemini being the “son” and the Earth sign being the responsible “parent” who is responsible for everything and who then complains about the unreliability of the other person.

This union might instead be rewarding but Gemini must learn to respect certain rules and to take responsibility in respect of their decisions; they must also avoid being too cutting, which makes them become very angry, and Earth has none of the same abilities on a dialectic level, even if it is not to be underestimated in terms of intelligence. Among other things Earth can be very useful for Gemini for becoming more constant and more ethical …

Gemini compatibility with air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Air and Air is an encounter that, given the extreme likeness of their energy characteristics, can can be very positive but also just as negative, that may lead to difficulty in reaching a true inner completeness, learning from what the other is able to bring in the relationship.

Air is mental and intellectual, with the other two air signs (Libra, Aquarius) there is a risk of Gemini becoming even more detached and exclusively reliant his own mind and ideas; added to this there are some things that the sign does not possess which causes a struggle between the ideals and ehtics of Libra and Aquarius, the positive need to develop an ethical sense and and a sense of justice, as well as greater attention towards sharing and the cooperation, and above all, in the “social” world so dear to Aquarius.

These are the qualities that can be developed in Gemini if it has a relationship with two companions of this element: with Libra, Geminis can increase their aesthetic sense becoming more refined and sophisticated, and Libra can become more critical with the help of the more acute eye of Gemini that does not miss anything in analysing all that it has around it.

Aquarius can teach Gemini greater tolerance and take it away from the little world in which it lives; it forces it to face the big issues of humanity, inserting it into a wider context, and, in turn, Gemini can help Aquarius keep his feet more firmly on the ground and focused on daily activities.

The difficulties are nevertheless intelligible: superficiality, detachment, escaping into mental speculation, the emotional block that produces an incapacity to identify and understand what others are trying to do, an excess of idealism and a detachment from reality to which there is an added coldness that in certain moments can seem very cutting while not being an exact assessment of the facts.

The Air signs between them can give an excessive importance to communication compared to feelings and intimacy, with all their energies channelled into issues where they can find comfort, by passing instead the intimacy that they cannot handle.

Lastly, they can confuse freedom with disengagement; autonomy with detachment and indifference, event though with respect, in relation to others.

Geminis, who themselves have a relationship with the other two air signs, must thus be particularly attentive in respect of what happens in the couple, to avoid having not an affective life but instead simply living under the same roof, sharing friendships, costs and external plans.

Gemini compatibility with water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Water and Air are like cats and dogs; they do not like each other and do not understand each other because there are two elements in antithesis, those that Jung stated as being two opposite functions: thought and sentiment that, in nature, tend to exclude one another.

The way the two elements experience life is very different: Air must assess everything through thought and then must detach itself, analyse things and look for common points. Water is absolutely incapable of similar behaviour because it is driven by what “reaches” from inside, its “feelings”, and it will be very difficult for him to explain why he has taken a certain position rather than another one, because it is not quite the result of a mental thought process, but a kind of … subliminal message.

Without doubt Water is the element that attracts Air signs the most and particularly Gemini, although it also creates more problems for them due to a high sensitivity and porosity that will clash with its rationality.

Among other things Water can show particular fragility at an emotional level if it does not manage to receive the messages of others through its channels; Air instead only sends signals through gestures and words. The two channels appear not to connect.

Air “thinks” and Water “feels” and even on these bases nevertheless there is a powerful common attraction; however there will also be a lot of disagreement, above all when both get excited, and they end up becoming defensive and close themselves inwards that tend to counter and have contempt for the others’ characteristics.

Air in Gemini needs intellectual stimuli and swiftness and Water instead needs to feel he is in a reassuring emotional climate and has long periods oftime to work things out.

Undoubtedly they can help each other since Air has an absolute need in a relationship to take care of its feelings, and in the case, it can avail itself of the training to which Water will subject it; in turn Water has a problem with too much subjectivity and also of having feelings about things that do not belong to it, and therefore it is always too much involved, and in this encounter, can learn just enough to become more detached, discriminating and objective.

There is no doubt that if these elements manage to gel the relationship will benefit in terms of completeness and awareness; this does not mean that the relationship will be simple or unhurt by nasty situations. Obviously Air will manage to let the inadequate Water know things on a rational thought level and in terms of oral communication; in turn Water will consider air to be primitive and awkward in relation to empathy and an understanding of what happens on an unconscious level.

The darkness of AIR is in its own inadequacy in terms of sentiment, in moments of difficulty it will accuse Water of irrationality, an incapacity to define things, of having no limits and to be unfit from the standpoint of practicality and problem solving.

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